Rendering Solution

Cloud rendering is an end-to-end solution equipped with an ample amount of computing resources, diversified storage, excellent performance, and flexible charging modes, helping you achieve superfast cloud rendering.
Solution Advantages
  • Ultimate User Experience

    Industry-leading performance, providing 100GE InfiniBand compute networks; local 3.2 TB enterprise-level SSD disks, local cache disks with the largest capacity in cloud services; fat node with 96 cores and 2 TB memory

  • All-around Security Protection

    Secure, reliable HPC platform complete with E2E security assurances to prevent data leakage

  • Impressive Expandability

    OpenStack-based architecture yielding huge advantages in heterogeneous capabilities and avoiding vendor lock-in

  • Comprehensive Ecosystem and High Service Level

    Integration with industry-leading HPC software, comprehensive system performance evaluations jointly with HPC software vendors, ensuring your services on HUAWEI CLOUD always remain up and running

Business Challenges
  • Difficult in Predicting Needed Resources and High Costs of Self-Built Centers

    The rendering services fluctuate drastically. When the services are idle, resources are wasted; during service peaks, resources become insufficient. In addition, constructing a local render farm requires a large number of IT resources, incurring high costs.

  • Inefficient Rendering

    A single rendering task takes dozens of hours on general-purpose servers. When the render farm is overloaded, the task will take much more time.

  • Various Storage Specifications

    The servers in a render farm need to access the shared storage concurrently, so the shared storage bandwidth must be high. In addition, storing large volumes of data requires low-cost storage.

  • Inefficient Delivery and Complicated O&M

    The construction period is long, the installation and deployment are complicated, and O&M as well as capacity expansion are difficult. Monitoring and alarm management involve large quantity of physical servers. These types of mashups are complicated to manage and consume a lot of manpower.

Typical Scenarios
  • Rendering



The rendering service is one of the important application fields of high performance computing. The rendering and compute requirements vary with the service scenario. Huawei HPC solution provides end-to-end compute services for enterprises.

  1. Flexible High-Performance Cloud Server

    Fat nodes of dozens of specifications, such as ECS and BMS compute instances, are supported to meet the various compute to memory ratio requirements of HPC applications.

  2. High-Performance BMS

    BMSs provide excellent compute performance as the dedicated physical servers. The service provides the optimal performance without any virtualization loss. Users can use the management console to automatically provision BMSs, thereby meeting HPC service requirements for on-demand elasticity.

  3. Distributed Scalable Block Storage Service

    Block Storage Service (BSS) is based on the distributed architecture and flexibly scalable. Users can attach EVS disks to an ECS as required to provide storage space for computing and storage nodes. Each disk provides up to 32 TB capacity, 30,000 IOPS, and 1 TB/s throughput.

  4. Extended Capabilities and Flexible Choice in Billing

    The solution provides APIs and SDKs for customers to flexibly manage the compute, storage, and network resources on the cloud. Data Express Service (DES) allows customers to import and export data to and from the cloud. Customers can choose the billing model most suitable to them; with pay-per-use convenience so they only pay for the resources they need or they can sign up for a subscription package for even bigger savings.

  5. Elastic Cloud Server

    Bare Metal Server

    Elastic Volume Service

    Object Storage Service

    Scalable File Service

    Virtual Private Cloud

    Direct Connect

    Image Management Service

Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture

Provides high-performance, reliable, and easy-to-use compute, storage, and network services to meet performance requirements in various rendering scenarios, shortening the rendering period and increasing the benefit for the enterprise.


  1. Ultimate Performance

    Industry-leading performance, providing 100GE InfiniBand compute networks; local 3.2 TB enterprise-level SSD disks, local cache disks with the largest capacity in cloud services; fat node with 96 cores and 2 TB memory

  2. Various Deployment Modes

    Support for both ECSs and BMSs, meeting various deployment requirements

  3. Open Architecture

    Based on OpenStack

  4. Comprehensive Protection

    Comprehensive security protection at seven layers (access, transmission, infrastructure, network, virtualization, data, and management), three-layer Anti-DDoS traffic cleaning, secure network isolation provided by VPC, and access permission control by IAM

Recommended Services
  • Elastic Cloud Server
    Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) provides scalable, on-demand cloud servers for secure, flexible, and efficient application environments, ensuring reliable, uninterrupted services.
  • Bare Metal Server
    Bare Metal Server (BMS) provides dedicated physical servers in single-tenant environments. It provides excellent computing performance and data security for core databases, key application systems, and high performance computing. It also offers the high scalability of a cloud-based service. You can buy BMSs directly or in a DeC as you need.
  • Scalable File Service
    Scalable File Service (SFS) provides fully hosted file storage with complete share capabilities for Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs). Compatible with the Network File System protocol, SFS is expandable to the petabyte range while ensuring top performance in data-intensive and bandwidth-intensive applications.

Provides Scalable, On-demand Computing Resources

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