Dedicated Financial Cloud

Dedicated financial cloud helps financial institutions migrate core services to the cloud. Computing, storage, and network resources are isolated on multiple levels, enabling tenants to exclusively use physically isolated resource pools. This provides the performance and security compliance necessary to support core financial services.
Solution Advantages
  • Physically Isolated Resources

    Delivers physically isolated computing, storage, and network resources and dedicated resource pools for tenants, migrating core financial services to the cloud and ensuring user data security.

  • Security Compliance

    Gives financial enterprises a secure one-stop cloud solution, so they can be complaint with financial supervision, and focus on core service development.

  • Service Neutrality

    Huawei promises never to monetize customer data, develop industry applications, or make equity investments in application partners. This is intended to protect customer privacy and partners' interests.

  • Professional Support

    Offers a standard process-based support service, quickly responding to customer requests 24/7.

Business Challenges
  • High Security Requirements

    Traditional public cloud resource pools cannot provide the dedicated, physically isolated computing, storage, and network resources needed for core financial services.

  • Performance & Latency Requirements

    Traditional core financial services, such as SAP, Oracle, and HPC, require exclusive high performance low latency.

  • Difficult Architecture Reconstruction

    Traditional core financial system architecture is complex and so reconstruction requires extensive analysis and design. Most storage and network solutions cannot be directly copied to the cloud, and the delivery solutions differ from system to system.

  • Complex Delivery & Huge Investment

    Migrating data and services to the cloud requires multiple implementations. The delivery process is complex and the overall construction is slow.

Typical Scenarios
  • Dedicated Computing and Storage

  • Dedicated Full-stack Hardware and Software

Dedicated Computing and Storage


Provides physically isolated resource pools and tenant-exclusive computing and storage to ensure financial security compliance.

  1. Security Compliance

    Ensures data security and reliability to meet the high security requirements of financial services.

  2. Superb Experience

    Compatible with traditional service architecture; no need to reconstruct; low latency down to 0.5 ms; excellent performance; smooth migration to the cloud; and dedicated data storage

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Dedicated Full-stack Hardware and Software


Helps large-scale financial enterprises migrate business to the cloud and provides physically isolated computing, storage, and network resources in exclusive resource pools for tenants' hardware and software.

  1. Security Compliance

    Safeguards financial services and ensures data security and reliability.

  2. Unified Architecture

    Unified public cloud architecture and service APIs guarantee version management and patch upgrade, providing a consistently optimal user experience.

  3. Dedicated Service

    Elastic Cloud Server

    Virtual Private Cloud

    RDS for MySQL

    Elastic Load Balance

    Object Storage Service

Solution Architectures


A comprehensive solution that manages and isolates computing, storage, network resources on multiple levels. Tenants can exclusively use their dedicated resource pools which are physically isolated from other public pools to improve security and performance.


  • Exclusive and physically isolated resources
  • Enterprise-class storage with low latency
  • Financial security compliance
  • On-demand resource and elastic scaling
Recommended Services
  • Dedicated Computing Cluster
    Provides physically isolated cloud resource pools for core financial services and allows tenants to exclusively use dedicated computing resources, ensuring stable financial services.
  • Bare Metal Server
    Meets financial enterprises' high performance, stability, and security requirements, migrating core databases, key applications, and HPC services to the cloud.
  • Dedicated Distributed Storage Service
    Offers exclusive physical storage resources to financial enterprises. Data redundancy and cache acceleration are used to deliver highly available, durable, stable and low-latency services, meeting the cloud deployment requirements of core financial services.

Provides Scalable, On-demand Computing Resources

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