Business Challenges

  • High Deployment Cost

    Enterprises need to purchase a large amount of hardware and software to deploy applications, resulting in high expenditure.

  • Difficulty in Accessing Applications

    Service applications developed by the organization must be accessed over the intranet in many of the traditional schemes with dedicated on-site equipment rooms, restricting the mobility needed in today's work environment.

  • Weak Data Protection

    Self-built applications are often not equipped with adequate levels of protection, leaving systems vulnerable to attacks and data susceptible to loss.

  • High Security Risks

    Internet-based solutions may introduce security risks to enterprises' operations.

Typical Scenarios

  • Cloud Office Application

  • Cloud Office Desktop

Cloud Office Application

Provides a one-stop cloud solution for enterprise customers and helps SMEs quickly and efficiently deploy service applications, such as OA and email, at low costs.

Load Balancing

Redistributes loads across resources to handle the in-the-moment loads at your organization, ensuring that no single resource is overloaded. Supports hundreds of millions of concurrent connections in a cluster. Adopts a redundancy design so that your services remain up and running even when a service node fails.

Flexible Scaling

Automatically adjusts computing resources based on service requirements and preset strategies. The number of ECSs can be increased or decreased to suit your changing traffic dynamics while ensuring that services remain up and running at all times.


Mix and match from a wide store of security products to customize a profile that fully addresses your specific security pain points and service characteristics.

Data Reliability

OBS achieves eleven-nines data reliability, delivering extreme availability when you need to call up your backup data.

Rich Store of Applications

Huawei cooperates with an extensive list of ISVs to provide you with one-stop ordering convenience for all the office applications, operating environments, cloud-based resources, and just about any other utility you can think of available in the cloud market.

Cloud Office Desktop

Provides virtual Windows desktops and applications accessible at anytime and from anywhere. Professional office applications help build secure IT systems with game-changing management simplicity, delivering higher service efficiency at lower costs.

On-demand Creation

Virtual desktops can be created and used instantaneously in contrast to the sluggish process in conventional PC desktops requiring hardware purchase, installation, and maintenance.

Flexible Office

Solidifies the four "A"s in Mobile Office (Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere, Any device) with powerful software and peripheral compatibilities, support for multiple terminal types, and BYOD mobility - your workload has never been easier to manage.

First-class Security and Reliability

The 7-layer comprehensive security protection system safeguards your data at the content-, terminal-, platform-, and management-level range.

HD Experience

HD video quality ensures optimal experience even in HD graphics scenarios.

Solution Advantages

Auto Scaling

Automatically adjusts computing resources, providing first-class services tailored to your environments at a low cost.

Stability and Reliability

Supports automatic failover and achieves up to 99.95% service availability; impressive backup and restoration capabilities for cloud servers and EVS disks.

Flexible Expansion

Automatically allocates 'just-the-right' resources to suit the current demand of your application environment and even ramps up service capabilities externally when traffic to your site increases.

Security Assurance

Protects your network against viruses and Trojan horses with use of security group rules. Keeps your assets 100% isolated and protected. Combines Anti-DDoS, WAF, VSS, and a long list of other services into the precise multi-dimensional protection scheme you require.


Landray Hong Kong is providing the Business Process Management (BPM), WorkFlow and O.A IT solutions.

Coremail can customize an enterprise's email page based on its actual situation to fit the enterprise's brand culture.

Bajie is committed to providing secure and cost-effective financial services for enterprises.

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