HUAWEI CLOUD provides an end-to-end solution comprising basic and advanced services that help enterprises rapidly roll out e-commerce platforms and manage resources.
Solution Advantages
  • Industry-specific Services

    Industry-specific services help enterprises quickly construct e-commerce platforms.

  • Service Neutrality

    HUAWEI CLOUD's well-defined service boundaries ensure that customer applications and data are not touched.

  • Open Architecture, Easy Migration

    OpenStack architecture enables easy migration of applications without vendor lock-ins.

  • Open Ecosystem

    The open cloud ecosystem ensures mutual benefits for all participants and eliminates dependency on external e-commerce platforms.

Business Challenges
  • Sudden Traffic Surges

    There will be a dramatic surge in access during promotions, flash sales, and sweepstakes. As a result, servers become overloaded, system responses are sluggish, and e-commerce platforms may even crash.

  • Poor User Experience

    Massive amounts of static data (including pictures and videos) are processed on a daily basis, and the data is usually stored on servers. Access to such data may be delayed, resulting in poor user experience.

  • Lack of Proper Data Analysis

    Existing e-commerce platforms and related data analysis tools cannot intelligently analyze data. As a result, it is difficult to make key business decisions based on data.

  • Compromised Security

    The whole process from traffic diversion to commenting may face vulnerabilities from credential stuffing, bonus hunting, ticket scalping, DDoS attacks, account leakage, and Trojan horses.

Typical Scenarios
  • Online Promotions

  • Static Resource Acceleration

  • Precision Marketing Powered by Big Data Analysis

  • Comprehensive Protection

Online Promotions

Compute resources are scaled up or down so that services can meet high throughput requirements.

  1. Load balancing

    ELB automatically distributes incoming traffic and supports 100 million concurrent connections. ELB features redundancy, ensuring service continuity and reliability even if a node is faulty.

  2. Dynamic expansion

    ECS and RDS feature preset scaling policies to handle traffic surges during large-scale promotions and flash sales, ensuring service stability.

  3. Related Services

    Elastic Cloud Server

    Auto Scaling

    Elastic Load Balance

    Elastic Volume Service

    RDS for MySQL

Static Resource Acceleration

Dynamic content is separated from static content, delivering a latency-free user experience.

  1. High-quality network

    A network to multiple Internet service providers eliminates network latency and ensures fast access for users in different network environments. In addition, VPN and Direct Connect facilitate connections between services in the cloud and those in enterprise-owned data centers.

  2. Enhanced user experience

    Massive amounts of static data (including pictures and videos) are processed on a daily basis. The data is typically stored on servers, which is expensive and results in slow access to data. OBS provides storage space for static content such as product images and videos. Its static website hosting separates static content from dynamic content, and integration with CDN improves the content loading speed.

  3. Related Services

    Elastic Cloud Server

    Virtual Private Network

    Content Delivery Network

    Object Storage Service

    Direct Connect

Precision Marketing Powered by Big Data Analysis

Precision marketing is realized through big data analysis.

  1. Big Data analysis

    MRS uses Hadoop, Spark, and HBase to process unstructured or semi-structured data, analyze user behavior patterns, and output data for product display, promotion, O&M, and personalized recommendations. DWS provides efficient query of business data, comprehensive analysis on historical operations data, and prediction of operation trends. EI big data services help enterprises optimize marketing strategies to maximize return on investment.

  2. Data storage

    E-commerce enterprises require cost-effective and easily manageable storage for massive amounts of data. OBS allows enterprises to easily manage and store up to 5 TB data.

  3. Related Services

    Object Storage Service

Comprehensive Protection

A fully vetted security architecture protects applications and data.

  1. Anti-DDoS

    Professional anti-DDoS devices defend network applications against DDoS attacks, such as challenge collapsar, SYN flood, and UDP flood.

  2. VSS

    VSS periodically detects vulnerabilities in cloud servers and notifies personnel to address risks in time.

  3. WAF

    WAF detects exceptions in HTTP requests and prevents web page tampering, information leaks, and malicious attacks, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), Trojan horses, and vulnerability-based intrusions.

  4. Related Services

    Vulnerability Scan Service


    Web Application Firewall

Solution Architectures


Provides a one-stop solution that allows all customers to deploy their services rapidly while keeping costs down. The solution is elastic, reliable, and secure, making it easy for customers to deal with promotions, sweepstakes, and hot sale events while maintaining rapid response.


  • Service neutrality
  • Reduced TCO for e-commerce platforms
  • Enhanced user experience in traffic surges
  • Pleasant shopping experience
  • Refined operations system
  • Comprehensive protection
  • Big Data analysis
Recommended Services
  • RDS for MySQL
    MySQL is one of the world's most popular open-source relational databases. It works with Linux, Apache, and PHP to establish a LAMP stack, thereby providing efficient web solutions.
  • Distributed Message Service
    During peak shopping days, information about orders can be stored as messages in queues first and then read from queues and processed for shipment and delivery separately over e-commerce sites.
  • Distributed Cache Service for Redis
    Distributed Cache Service (DCS) is an in-memory database service compatible with Redis. Based on an HA architecture, DCS supports three instance types: single-node, master/standby, and cluster. DCS ensures high read/write performance and fast data access.

Provides Scalable, On-demand Computing Resources

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