Business Application

HUAWEI CLOUD provides a high-performance, reliable, and secure platform for running key enterprise applications on the cloud, helping customers reduce IT construction costs and achieve cloud-based informatization.
Solution Advantages
  • Data Security

    The entire platform, all nodes and services of HUAWEI CLOUD are certified by Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

  • Dedicated Resources

    HUAWEI CLOUD provides tenants with exclusive access to their own resource pools and physically isolates them from each other, meeting requirements for specific performance, business applications, and security compliance.

  • Fast Deployment

    Customers can use pre-integrated templates to deploy resources in minutes instead of time-consuming hardware installation. The one-stop application and test environment is provided to help enterprises build ERP, quickly launch services and seize market opportunities.

  • Stability and Reliability

    HUAWEI CLOUD provides failover to ensure 99.95% availability, supports multiple copies to reach 99.9999999% data durability, and supports backup and recovery of cloud servers and disks.

Business Challenges
  • IT Infrastructure Optimization

    Continuous ERP development continually increases the requirements placed on infrastructure. It is necessary to use new technologies such as cloud computing and big data to optimize and upgrade infrastructure in response to these requirements.

  • Data Management and Business Analysis

    A large amount of data is generated with the construction of enterprise informatization, especially if the ERP system in an enterprise has been running for many years. In addition, accumulated data cannot effectively support enterprise decision-making due to the lack of analysis of information and services.

  • Business Process Optimization and Service Innovation

    Changes in working space and time greatly change the way employees work. Rapid market growth also speeds up the transformation of business processes, so enterprises have an urgent need to optimize information sharing and business process development in traditional ERP.

  • Data Security Threats to Enterprise Operations

    Due to the lack of talent and equipment rooms, most enterprises cannot implement large-scale and remote backups in real time. As a result, if the hardware on which the ERP system is running is faulty, data loss could cause severe harm to an enterprise.

Solution Architectures
  • Public Cloud

  • Dedicated Cloud

Public Cloud

Deployment on Public Cloud

Applications and databases are deployed on virtual machines (VMs) to minimize deployment costs. In addition, HUAWEI CLOUD provides both a powerful security system and O&M services to reduce the workload placed on enterprises.


  • Stability and reliability
  • Security assurance
  • Combined software and hardware
  • Elastic scalability

Dedicated Cloud

Deployment on Public Cloud

Dedicated Cloud services provide customers with dedicated computing and storage resources on the cloud. The services also offer highly reliable and isolated networks that offer the high performance and security required for critial applications.


  • Dedicated resources
  • Security compliance
  • Flexible combination
  • Easy O&M
  • Lower cost
Recommended Services
  • Bare Metal Server
    Bare Metal Server (BMS) provides dedicated physical servers with high specifications and performance. It offers resource sharing and network isolation, ensuring stable running of core databases.
  • Elastic Volume Service
    Elastic Volume Service (EVS) provides virtual block storage with elastic scalability, high reliability, and high I/O throughput. EVS disks can be mounted to multiple servers to achieve active/active architecture of enterprise cloud databases.
  • Virtual Private Cloud
    Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) enables you to create a private, isolated virtual network. You can assign EIPs to access VPC environments and configure services.

Provides Scalable, On-demand Computing Resources

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