Industry Specific Solutions

Self-Hosted E-Commerce

This end-to-end solution comprises basic and advanced services that help enterprises rapidly roll out e-commerce platforms and configure resources.

Appliances and Digital Products

This solution combines online wholesale, distribution, consumer attraction, and offline service for enterprises dealing with appliances and digital products.

Cross-Border Trade

This solution enables enterprises to quickly build an e-commerce platform that facilitates cross-border trade and allows seamless interworking with multiple systems, including customs, logistics, and payment systems.

Chronic Disease Treatment

With the new tech available in cloud computing, plenty of new opportunities are appearing in chronic disease treatment services. HUAWEI CLOUD provides extremely reliable and secure cloud services and IoT platforms that enable treatment organizations to take the lead in the marketplace through delivery of high-quality therapy.

Medical Image Archiving

Managing the storage of medical images has long been a challenge for medical institutions. HUAWEI CLOUD provides OBS for image storage and archiving, which is a cost-effective solution that ensures the high reliability of image data.

Smart Retail

By integrating retail applications and a wide range of cloud, Big Data, and AI capabilities, HUAWEI CLOUD provides a comprehensive retail solution so retailers can build their own omni-channel online and offline profiles and establish new business models.

E-Commerce Apparel and Footwear

This solution implements the omnichannel approach for apparel and footwear retailers by integrating online and offline channels for product marketing, pricing, and associated services.

Financial Omni-Channel

By combining industrial features and Huawei's cloud services, this solution provides end-to-end cloud services for financial customers such as banks, insurance agents, security companies, or Internet finance enterprises. It helps customers quickly migrate their services to the cloud, promoting fast growth and improving their competitiveness.

Securities Quotes

The Securities Quotes solution leverages rich HUAWEI CLOUD services to help securities enterprises deploy cloud-based quotation systems able to far exceed compliance requirements with high availability and data security. It can easily handle service peaks and enables long-term development.

Small Internet-based Loans

The Small Internet-based Loans solution uses a wide range of HUAWEI CLOUD services to quickly establish a regulation-compliant, secure, and reliable small Internet-based loan platform that improves business management and risk control capabilities.

Supply Chain Finance

The Supply Chain Finance solution integrates an assortment of HUAWEI CLOUD services to roll out financial supply chain systems quickly. It meets regulatory compliance, security, and reliability requirements, while enhancing business management capabilities and reducing risks.

Financial Transaction Dual-recording

The Financial Transaction Dual-recording solution deploys a dual-recording system based on HUAWEI CLOUD to record and store audios and videos during financial transactions, for review and random check, ensuring that the sales of financial products are traceable and manageable.

General Purpose Solutions

Web & Mobile

Web & Mobile provides an elastic cloud environment and mobile Internet ecosystem with high data security. It can process up to 100 million concurrent connections and millions of transactions, perform big data analysis, and ensure system reliability and performance.

HPC Cloud

High Performance Computing Cloud (HPC Cloud) provides highly effective, reliable, flexible and secure computing services to enable enterprises to reduce the total cost of operation (TCO), shorten the time to market (TTM) for new products, and improve product competitiveness.

SAP Cloud

SAP Cloud allows you to deploy SAP products on HUAWEI CLOUD, providing full access to its lifecycle management services, large capacity, strong security, and high performance. SAP Cloud simplifies enterprise management, reduces costs, optimizes operations, and facilitates digital transformation.

Cloud Office

HUAWEI CLOUD provides flexibility, convenience, and cost-effectiveness you need in Cloud Office, significantly reducing IT investments while helping you accelerate your move to cloud-based information management.

Backup and Archive

Backup and Archive provides a secure, economical and easy-to-manage data protection solution for backing up and archiving local data to the cloud, reducing costs and mechanism complexity with as-a-service convenience.

Enterprise Cloud Box

The Enterprise Cloud Box solution provides centralized, secure data storage for personal workspace. It supports automatic synchronization between platforms and between terminals for enhanced linkage, share, and collaboration between employees. It helps your organization extract more value from your data assets.

Multiplex Dedicated Cloud

Multiplex Dedicated Cloud offers you a series of isolated resource solutions for computing, storage, and networking as well as cloud services.


E-Commerce Security

With the e-commerce industry specifically in mind, Huawei provides security services to ensure data privacy and full-stack protection.

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