Stable & Intelligent

Enables remote disaster recovery with intelligent scheduling and prioritized access; supports resolution on the cloud; deploys within seconds.


Defines your own application-specific protection rules to accurately intercept attacks and reduce misreports.

360-Degree Protection

Professional security teams provide 24/7 monitoring. With its proven comprehensive protections, WAF can defend against latest 0-day vulnerabilities.


Supports automatic upgrade on the cloud; detects potential threats and sets up multi-dimensional defense systems in collaboration with other security services.

Application Scenarios

  • Data Leakage

  • 0-Day Vulnerabilities

  • CC Attacks

  • Web Page Tampering

Data Leakage

Data Leakage

Malicious visitors use such methods as SQL injection and webshells to intrude on website databases and steal service data or other sensitive information.


  • Precise Identification

    Uses semantic analysis & regex to examine traffic from different dimensions for added precision in thwarting attackers.

  • Distortion Attack Detection

    Seven ways to restore codes with better detection capabilities on distortion attacks to prevent bypass attempts

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0-Day Vulnerabilities

0-Day Vulnerabilities

WAF provides 360-degree protection using virtual patches against attacks that may exploit 0-day vulnerabilities in third-party frameworks or plug-ins.


  • Swift Response

    Responses to vulnerabilities (including delivering virtual patches and updating the rule library) are taken in advance of actions from specific vendors.

  • Lower Cost

    Reduced deployment and O&M costs resulting from service upgrades, avoiding service interruption

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CC Attacks

CC Attacks

If a large number of malicious CC attacks are initiated, core resources are occupied for an extended period of time, causing slowed website response or service interruption.


  • Flexible Configuration

    Allows you to flexibly set rate limiting policies by IP address or cookie, provides highly precise CC attack detection, and ensures services remain uninterrupted.

  • Customization

    Configures response actions and content of returned pages to suit your particular needs.

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Web Page Tampering

Web Page Tampering

Attackers leave backdoors on website servers or tamper with web page content, leaving your site defaced and potentially causing you losses.


  • Website Malicious Code Detection

    Detects malicious codes injected into the website server, helping ensure a safe visit to the site.

  • Protection Against Web Page Tampering

    Prevents attackers from tampering with or changing web page content or publishing indecent information that can damage the organization's reputation.

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Web Attack Defense

Detects and blocks common OWASP threats, including malicious scanners, IP addresses, and webshells.

  • Complete protection

    Detects and intercepts attacks, including SQL injection, XSS, file inclusion, directory traversal, sensitive file access, command/code injection, webshell uploads, and third-party vulnerability exploits.

  • Precise identification

    Uses semantics analysis & regex dual engines and supports common code restoration methods, reducing misreports and enhancing detection capabilities.

CC Attack Defense

Limits rate over interfaces and uses man-machine identification, mitigating impact of CC attacks (such as HTTP flood).

  • Fine-grained flexibility

    Allows you to flexibly set rate limiting policies by IP address and cookie.

  • Returned page customization

    Enables you to address diversified needs with customizable content and types of returned pages.

Visualized Security

User-friendly GUI allows you to view attack information and event logs in real-time.

  • Centralized policy configuration

    On-console configuration, rapid delivery, and immediate implementation of policies

  • Traffic & event statistics

    Real-time access to information, including the number and types of security events, logs, and number of requests

Access Control

Offers precise logic- and parameter-based access control policies.

  • Variety of parameter conditions

    Sets conditions with combinations of common HTTP parameters such as IP, URL, Referer, User-Agent, and Params.

  • Rich set of logic conditions

    Blocking or allowing based on logic conditions such as "Include", "Exclude", "Equal to", "Not equal to", "Prefix is", and "Prefix is not"

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