Message & SMS

Message&SMS is a communication service provided for global users by HUAWEI CLOUD and the finest worldwide carriers and channels. Enterprises can call APIs or use the group-sending assistant to provide the verification code, notification, and promotion SMS services for users in more than 200 countries and regions around the world.

  • Global Coverage

    Available for users in more than 200 countries and regions; multiple languages are supported

  • Reliable

    A carrier-class platform is provided to ensure service reliability, large capacity, and high concurrency

  • Easy to Use

    APIs facilitate development and maintenance. The group-sending assistant simplifies operations

  • Easy to Manage

    Visualized sending details and service statistics help users learn message and SMS usage

Application Scenarios
  • Verification Code

  • System/Service Notification

  • Marketing and Promotion

Verification Code


Provide verification codes used when users register with apps or websites, security verification for login and password retrieval, and security authentication and mobile phone binding during payments


Generated dynamically

Verification codes are generated dynamically, preventing forgery, leaks, and theft

Combined flexibly

A verification code consists of digits and letters, preventing machine identification and malicious modification

System/Service Notification


Send notification SMSs to users. SMS notifications include express notifications, consumption confirmations, and system maintenance and upgrade notifications


Batch operation

SMSs are sent in batches for fast delivery and easy of use

Flash delivery

Consumption information is promptly sent to consumers

Marketing and Promotion


Marketing and operation SMSs are sent to members. SMS content includes holiday greetings, activity invitation, product promotion, and new product launches


Massive SMSs

A large number of SMSs are sent through a stable service platform

Batch operation

The group-sending assistant simplifies operations