Permission Management

Restrict and grant varying degrees of access to HUAWEI CLOUD resources based on users' organizational position or specific responsibilities.

Security Control

Set login verification policies, password policies, and access control lists (ACLs).


Create an agency to grant other accounts convenient and secure access to your HUAWEI CLOUD resources.

Federated Identity Authentication

Partner with a third-party authentication system to allow enterprise users to access your HUAWEI CLOUD resources.

Application Scenarios

  • User Management

  • Federated Identity Authentication

  • Permission Sharing

User Management

Enterprise Security Governance

Create and authorize user groups based on user responsibilities with inherited permissions for new user additions.


  • Flexible User Management

    Change individual user permissions by changing their user group.

  • Refined Permission Management

    Grant permissions based on projects.

Federated Identity Authentication

Single Sign On

Access HUAWEI CLOUD through the enterprise management system, without having to create HUAWEI CLOUD accounts.


  • Unified Portal

    Enterprise users need to log in only to their enterprise management systems.

  • Unified Management

    Directly and efficiently manage all user information on enterprise management systems.

Permission Sharing


Create an agency to share resources and permissions with other accounts securely, without having to provide passwords or keys.


  • Easy to Use

    Create an agency to share necessary permissions with the delegated account.

  • Revocable at Any Time

    Edit agency permissions or delete agencies instantly.


User Management

Security administrators can create users and assign permissions based on their respective responsibilities.

Federated Identity Authentication

Security administrators can create an IdP to authenticate employee access to HUAWEI CLOUD through SAML SSO.

Access Keys

Users can create and delete access keys allowing API access to HUAWEI CLOUD.

Security Policies

Security administrators can manage user security policies and set ACLs to block access from untrusted networks.