Simple Management

Detection and protection functions are provided on the same page to simplify management.

Comprehensive Protection

HSS provides head-to-toe protection for your businesses, including pre-event prevention, during-event defense, and post-event detection.

Precise Defense

Advanced detection technologies and an extensive sample library contribute to the defense precision.

Lightweight Agent

HSS agents occupy few resources and do not affect the running performance of your hosts.

Application Scenarios

  • Graded Protection

  • Host Security Management

  • Security Risk Assessment

  • Account Security Protection

Graded Protection

Graded Protection

The Cybersecurity Law of China explicitly requires network operators to have intrusion detection capabilities. With intrusion detection being its major function, HSS helps customers meet regulation requirements.


  • Protection Against Brute Force Attacks

    Detects brute force attacks and blocks attacking IP addresses for 24 hours to ensure host security.

  • Vulnerability Management

    Detects system and software vulnerabilities included in the vulnerability library to help you see hidden security issues.

  • Malicious Program Detection

    Checks running programs to identify malicious programs such as webshells, Trojans, and worms.

Host Security Management

Host Security Management

Easily manage the security configurations and events of all your hosts on one console page, reducing ECS management costs while hardening security.


  • Rich Functions

    Provides various detection functions for you to quickly and accurately identify risks.

  • Centralized Management

    Manages security configurations of hosts on one page, pushes configurations to hosts all at the same time, and yields improved level of user friendliness in management of security events.

Security Risk Assessment

Security Risk Assessment

Detects system problems (such as weak passwords and malicious programs) and prompts users to harden their systems to eliminate risks.


  • Comprehensive Detection

    Comprehensively inspects systems for potential problems and offers tailored solutions.

  • Accuracy and Reliability

    Uses cutting-edge detection technologies and a constantly updated sample library to pinpoint any security issues.

Account Security Protection

Account Security Protection

HSS supports two-factor authentication (2FA) and offers round-the-clock account protection before, during, and after attacks, keeping brute force attackers at bay and keeping ECSs secure.


  • Timely Prompts

    Detects weak passwords and prompts you to change them in a timely manner to prevent potential security issues for ECSs.

  • 2FA

    Supports 2FA to prevent brute force cracking attacks.

  • Precise Blocking

    Monitors account security in real time and blocks attackers with ease.

  • Timely Warning

    Warns about risks and attacks in real time so you can handle them before it's too late.


Asset Management

HSS collects and displays host asset information to simplify host security monitoring and management.

Vulnerability Management

HSS detects system and software vulnerabilities to quickly identify potential risks.

Baseline Inspection

HSS inspects your system configuration to reveal security risks.

Intrusion Detection

HSS detects intrusion behavior and issues warnings in real time for accelerated response to security events.

Web Page Anti-tampering

HSS protects web pages, documents, and images on your websites against hacker tampering and sabotage.

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