Service Integration

DEW provides Key Management Service (KMS), an offering that integrates many of HUAWEI CLOUD extensive services including OBS, EVS, IMS, and more.

Login Security

DEW provides Key Pair Service (KPS) that enables you to create or import key pairs on the management console when logging in to your purchased ECS.


With DEW, keys and random numbers are generated by the third-party validated HSMs. It is compliant with local and international laws and regulations.

Dedicated HSM

DEW provides CSCA certified or FIPS 140-2 validated level-3 HSM protection, guaranteeing high-performance encryption to meet your stringent security requirements.

Application Scenarios

  • Dedicated HSM

  • Key Management Service

  • Key Pair Service

Dedicated HSM

Dedicated HSM

For encryption scenarios requiring strict compliance, you can use the FIPS 140-2 validated level-3 HSM to implement exclusive encryption.


  • Regulatory Compliance

    HSMs provided by DEW are third-party certified or validated.

  • Performance Assurance

    Provides exclusive resource to ensure concurrent high-speed computing performance under different encryption protocols.

  • Superb Compatibility

    Provides industry-standard and application-integrated APIs, including PCKS #11, JCE, CNG, and more.

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Key Management Service

Key Management Service

KMS uses validated HSMs to protect your keys, so you can effortlessly create and manage keys for data encryption. It can be Integrated with other HUAWEI CLOUD services such as OBS, EVS, and IMS.


  • Wide Application

    Integrates with OBS, EVS, IMS, and more, to enable secure and easy data encryption.

  • Broad Capabilities

    Supports full management and lifecycle management of your keys.

  • Easy Integration

    Supports APIs, so you can call APIs to integrate KMS with your applications for data encryption.

  • Secure and Reliable

    Stores CMKs redundantly online, physically backs up root keys in multiple copies offline, and performs regular backups to ensure key persistence.

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Key Pair Service

Key Pair Service

KPS is designed for login scenarios that have stringent security requirements. When purchasing an ECS, you can set the login mode to key-pair login. The key pair can be reset or replaced as necessary.


  • Secure

    By default, key pairs use the SSH-2 (RSA, 2048) algorithm for encryption and decryption.

  • Manageable

    You can import your private keys to the DEW management console on HUAWEI CLOUD and use KPS to manage them.

  • Controllable

    The DEW management console provides you with easy control and management for your key pairs.

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Dedicated HSM

Provides you with professional, and enterprise editions, catering for your needs in different service scenarios.

  • Professional Edition

    Provides exclusive resource to ensure concurrent high-speed computing performance under different encryption protocols including RSA, DSA, ECDSA, and others. It also provides industry-standard and application-integrated APIs, including PKCS #11, JCE, CNG, and more. In addition, you can use the exclusive subrack, power supply, bandwidth, and interface resources, meeting your stringent security requirements.

  • Enterprise Edition

    In addtion to the professional edition, we can offer you the enterprise edition to meet your customized requirements. It can also be used in Dedicated Cloud scenario. Please contact our pre-sales personnel for details.

Key Management

KMS provides you with basic and professional editions, catering for your needs in different service scenarios.

  • Basic Edition

    With the basic-edition KMS, you can employ user-imported keys, and create a maximum of two keys. You can create, enable, disable, and delete Customer Master Keys (CMKs). You can create, encrypt, and decrypt Data Encryption Keys (DEKs), and additionally, and you can use the keys to interwork with OBS, EVS, and IMS for data encryption.

  • Professional Edition

    In addition to functions available with the basic edition, you can create 20 keys, and integrate the professional-edition KMS with RDS for static data encryption. Developers can use APIs to encrypt applications.

Key Pair Service

With KPS, you can download the private keys to your local host, or have your private keys managed in the cloud.

  • Private Keys Saved Locally

    The password for logging in to the ECS may be weak or at the risk of brute-force cracking. To avoid such risk, you can import the local private key for login.

  • Private Keys Managed by DEW

    If you do not have a secure mechanism for storing private keys locally, you can easily manage them using DEW on HUAWEI CLOUD, and use the managed key pairs for login authentications.