Dedicated Resources

DCC enables you to use physical computing resources exclusively, allocate resources flexibly, and monitor resources in real time.

Security Compliance

DCC isolates your computing resources from those of other tenants, preventing service interference among tenants. DCC also supports locking of resource cabinets.

Flexible Networking

DCC supports hybrid networking with ECS, BMS, DSS, and DESS. DCCs can also communicate with cloud servers.

Cost Effectiveness

DCC frees you from investing time and money in physical server O&M. This reduces costs by 30-50% and allows you to focus more on your core services.

Application Scenarios

  • Web Interconnection

  • Data Warehouses

  • Scientific Computing

Web Interconnection

Web Interconnection

Maintaining data security and isolating users' systems from other systems and data on the public cloud; Flexible scalability to provide a large number of servers as needed


  • Secure Resource Isolation

    Resources of different users are physically isolated and networks of different users are isolated by VPCs, preventing security issues caused by resource interaction and inter-network communication.

  • Hybrid Networking with Cloud Servers

    Varied cloud servers can be used to automatically scale up or down as needed.

  • Guaranteed High Storage Concurrency

    DSS safeguards service data isolation and provides high-concurrency and high-bandwidth processing capabilities for service data.

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Data Warehouses

Data Warehouse

High-performance enterprise databases deployed only on physical servers; High I/O and low latency data access for key services; High data security and availability


  • Physical Resource Isolation

    Resources for key enterprise applications are physically isolated from other system resources. Users can access the DCC intranet using a Direct Connect connection.

  • Database Deployment on BMSs

    BMSs are used to ensure the proper running of databases and improve automatic management of physical servers.

  • Dedicated Enterprise Storage

    DESS supports databases requiring high I/O and low latency.

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Scientific Computing

Scientific Computing

High data security through physical isolation of data sources and computing results; High-speed data exchange and flexible matching between computing resources and services for large-scale concurrent computing


  • Physical Resource Isolation

    Resources are physically isolated and data is transmitted through Direct Connect, maintaining the confidentiality of data sources and computing results.

  • Hybrid Networking with Multiple Servers

    DeC allows general computing and heterogeneous computing-accelerated ECSs and BMSs to work together on a network, meeting the flexible networking requirements for large-scale computing.

  • High-Bandwidth, Low-Latency Data Access

    DeC supports InfiniBand data networking and ensures high-bandwidth and low-latency data access through DSS.

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Computing Isolation

Exclusive use of computing resources deployed in separate clusters keeps cloud servers physically isolated.

Varied Combinations

Customized planning of cloud servers lets you deploy services in the way that best suits your needs.

Flexible Deployment

Multiple computing clusters can be deployed in different regions and interconnect with DDS storage.

Fine-Grained Management

Various management functions are supported, such as viewing resource details and monitoring resource statuses.

Recommended Configurations

General Computing S2 ECS

Provides a balance of computing, storage, and network resources.

CPU 44 vCPUs
Memory 392 GB
Disk 2 x 600 GB (SAS)
NIC speed 10GE
News portals

General Computing S3 ECS

Uses the latest Intel Xeon Skylake CPUs to provide high cost effectiveness.

CPU 72 vCPUs
Memory 576 GB
Disk 2 x 600 GB (SAS)
NIC speed 10GE
Medium-and light-load enterprise apps
Lightweight databases and cache servers
Web apps

General Computing-Plus C3 ECS

Uses the latest Intel Xeon Skylake CPUs and high-performance networks to provide higher performance.

CPU 60 vCPUs
Memory 328 GB
Disk 2 x 600 GB (SAS)
NIC speed 10GE
Heavy- and medium-load enterprise apps
Web apps requiring high-performance computing and network resources
General databases
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