Lifecycle Management

Application lifecycle management, covering design, deployment, and O&M; one-stop E2E Ops.

Ease of Use

Application design through diagram dragging and parameter setting; easy orchestration and deployment of cloud resources through clicks.


Orchestration of various HUAWEI cloud services; fast setup of infrastructure environment based on application demands; preservation of infrastructure code for reuse.


TOSCA-based; compatible with common orchestration tools to facilitate the quick migration of service systems to the cloud.

Application Scenarios

  • Application Design

  • Application Rollout

  • Lifecycle Management

Application Design

Application Design

You can quickly create or modify stack templates by dragging diagrams and compiling code, simplifying the process of migrating applications to the cloud.


  • Ease of Use

    Application design through diagram dragging and code compilation, enabling easy orchestration and management of resources.

  • Template Version Management

    Template version management, making infrastructure resources configurable, evolvable, and traceable.

  • Infrastructure as Code

    One template for repetitive stack creation.

Application Rollout

Application Rollout

You can integrate resources and software for applications by creating stacks and release applications rapidly through one-click deployment.


  • Efficient Deployment

    One-click application deployment; simplified stack deployment.

  • Traceable Process

    Running records for easy tracing.

  • Enriched Cloud Ecosystem

    ISVs' cloud software services and HUAWEI CLOUD services are provided to simplify application rollout.

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Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management

Application lifecycle management functions such as deployment, upgrade, monitoring, scaling, and dark launch are provided to simplify routine O&M.


  • Comprehensiveness

    Comprehensive application lifecycle management.

  • Ease of Use

    Application O&M through clicks.

  • Detailed Display

    Performance monitoring details, application running records, and user operation records for monitoring applications anytime.

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Template Design

Fast service & application designs, and graphical designer for reading and writing templates.

Unified Resource Mgmt

Access to computing, network, storage, and other essential resources for running service applications.

One-Click Application Deployment

Fast application deployment, with the editor and configuration wizard for reading and writing scripts.

Middleware Access

Access to essential middleware (e.g. RDS, DCS), middleware planning, and automatic middleware rollout.

Real-Time Monitoring

Application running, resource load, and middleware package data for real-time application monitoring.

Full Lifecycle Mgmt

Application lifecycle management, e.g. installation, upgrade, rollback, configuration, and deletion.