One-stop O&M

Logs, alarms, and diagnostics for applications (including distributed applications) and resources (such as computing, storage, and network resources)


Automatic discovery and monitoring of applications; easy O&M on graphical configuration interfaces with no coding required

In-Depth Integration

Interconnection with cloud services such as Elastic Cloud Server (ECS), Cloud Container Engine (CCE), and ServiceStage to obtain O&M data for in-depth monitoring

Intelligent Analysis

Issue pre-detection through different anomaly detection policies (such as static threshold and dynamic threshold) and pre-notification through events and alarms

Application Scenarios

  • Inspection and Problem Demarcation

  • Multi-layer O&M

Inspection and Problem Demarcation

Inspection and Problem Demarcation

AOM collects infrastructure, middleware, and application instance data. It provides metric monitoring, log analysis, and event and alarm reporting functions to support problem discovery and demarcation.


  • Automatic Application Discovery

    Automatically deploys collectors to discover and monitor applications based on different application operation environments.

  • Monitoring of Distributed Applications

    Supports unified O&M and multi-layer service diagnosis for distributed applications (applications that use more than one cloud service).

  • Powerful Event and Alarm Functions

    Provides different anomaly detection policies, flexible event and alarm notification methods, and open event and alarm APIs.

Multi-layer O&M

Multi-layer O&M

AOM provides O&M capabilities from the cloud level to the resource level and from application monitoring to ServiceStage tracing.


  • User Experience Assurance

    Real-time monitoring of service KPIs and root cause analysis of anomalous transactions

  • Fast Fault Diagnosis

    Distributed calling and tracing to fast locate fault points

  • Resource Operation Assurance

    Real-time monitoring of hundreds of container, disk, and network O&M metrics, and cluster > virtual machine > application > container anomaly correlation analysis


Cloud Environment Monitoring

In-depth monitoring of cloud applications (such as ECS, CCE, APM, and ServiceStage) tailored to the application monitoring environment

Automatic Application Discovery

Automatic discovery and monitoring of applications; easy O&M on graphical configuration interfaces with no coding required

Dashboard Customization

Customizable dashboards with different themes and in different presentation modes (such as line graphs, pie charts, and progress bars)

Alarm Customization

Customizable threshold rules, alarm policies, and event and alarm notification methods (email, SMS, HTTP, and HTTPS notifications)

Log Collection

Log volume storage, query, and analysis based on customized log policies

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