Register to Be an HCPN Partner

  • Register a HUAWEI CLOUD Account

    STEP 01
    Register a HUAWEI CLOUD account if you still do not have one. Log in if you have already had an account.

    Do not use the registered account to purchase resources before you complete the accreditation. Otherwise, you will fail the accreditation.

    One account can be certified only as a consulting partner or a technology partner.

  • Select a Partner Type

    STEP 02
    Choose to register to be a consulting partner or a technology partner.

    HCPN Consulting Partner

    HCPN Consulting Partners are professional services firms that help customers of all sizes to design, architect, migrate, or build new applications or perform daily customer service operations on HUAWEI CLOUD. Consulting partners include system integrators (SIs), strategic consultancies, agencies, managed service providers (MSPs), value-added resellers (VARs), and telecom operators.

    HCPN Technology Partner

    HCPN Technology Partners are commercial software and/or Internet services companies that provide software solutions that are either hosted on or integrated with HUAWEI CLOUD. Technology partners include independent software vendors (ISVs), SaaS, PaaS, developer tools, database, management and security vendors.

  • Complete Business Information

    STEP 03
    Complete the business information such as the company and contact information.
  • Select a Tier

    STEP 04
    Select an appropriate tier according to the requirements.

    HCPN Consulting Partner Tiers: Standard, Advanced, Premier, Strategic

    HCPN Technology Partner Tiers: Standard, Advanced, Premier

  • Submit Your Request

    STEP 05
    You can check the review result on the Basic Information page of the Partner Center.