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What Are Exhibited at HUAWEI CONNECT 2018?

Oct 12, 2018 GMT+08:00

At HUAWEI CONNECT 2018 held in Shanghai from October 10th through the 12th, HUAWEI CLOUD showcased its full-stack AI solutions, Enterprise Intelligence suite, and the full set of AI products and services to meet the needs of every scenario – something the unit is calling "all-scenario AI". The AI exhibit in Hall 2 of the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center exhibited the best practices and intelligent innovations in adopting AI for various industries, such as transportation, campus management, gaming, IoV, and storefront retail, in addition to expansions on the "cloud, edge, terminal + AI" stratagem from the business unit. Reporter Xiaoyun takes you in for a quick glimpse of all the awesomeness that was on display!


During the keynote speech on the first day, Huawei Rotating Chairman Eric Xu said that Huawei will be providing developers with a faster AI development platform. Huawei is calling this platform ModelArts, and it is able to support full-process model production and grafting in of AI to the development process. On the third day of the conference, the visual AI application development platform HiLens. In the +AI display area, Huawei even had a two-pound robot on display that event goers could control with gesture commands and kick a ball through the goal. This little guy certainly was a crowd pleaser.

Campus Management +AI

How will campuses be managed and what will they look like in the future? Will there be unattended guard booths and facial-recognition access controls? Attendees had the chance to experience all of these things at the campus +AI booth. Robots will patrol campuses in the future and access will be granted within milliseconds with precise recognition utilities. Advertisements on buildings can also be updated in real time with facial recognition and analysis to add higher levels of precision in marketing. With the +AI enablement, statistics on energy consumption throughout the campus network can also be collected in a visualized manner.

Logistics +AI

Cameras with "brains" not only record the work of the operator, they can also report and provide evidence of violation, including damages caused by lack of care during sorting. These capabilities help lower the amounts logistics companies have to compensate for damage of goods, helping ensure each package has a safe journey to its destination.

Cloud VR Gaming

When will VR gaming become a reality? Wait, you mean multiple players in different places can play at the same time? The VR controls allow multiple personals to complete epic tasks at the same time? This is already possible and we don’t have to wait till 2045 like in the movies? No, you don’t have to wait – HUAWEI invites you to experience it now!

Transportation +AI

No vehicles on the road in front but cars are stacked up at the ill-timed traffic lights. With Intelligent Traffic from HUAWEI CLOUD, traffic lights are timed to real-time conditions – commuters no longer have to worry about being late to work because of traffic!


Unmanned vehicles, robots piloting big rigs, and "clairvoyant eyes" able to predict accidents were something only seen in movies. Today, Huawei and some of the biggest automakers in the world are presenting such things right before your eyes!

Edge +AI

Edge +AI products are used to add in intelligent capabilities to the edges for various industries. Through Atlas smart micro sites and in combination with Huawei public and private clouds, full-stack capabilities for chips, networks, edge hardware, and edge cloud services are provided to improve productivity.

Quantum computing simulator & programming framework

What will the future bring? Quantum computing and natural intelligence are certainly a part of what is in store. Huawei brings the wondrous quantum world forward, enabling users with the ability to write their first quantum program or challenge themselves with a quantum computing-enhanced game!

Storefront +AI

Unattended storefront is the ultimate in convenience store operation and experience. From greeting upon entry into the store and all the way up to checkout, everything relies on facial recognition so you don’t even have to carry your wallet or cards with you. Many smiley faces were captured in the booth experience that left event goers impressed. Of course, the free Luckin Coffee were given out in the display area!   

Image recognition

You don’t need to check your eyes, your emotion is displayed at the top of your head! Come see what you are feeling!