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HUAWEI CLOUD SAP Solution: Stacking Achievements

Oct 19, 2018 GMT+08:00

At one of the break-out HUAWEI CONNECT sessions themed "Worry-free Migration of SAP Services to the Cloud, Accelerating the Digital Transformation at Enterprises", customers and representatives from SAP and HUAWEI CLOUD shared on their successes in helping organization of all sizes achieve their digital agendas. The HUAWEI CLOUD SAP Solution showcased in Hall 3 of the World Expo Center displayed some of the latest achievements in SAP-aligned solutions and black technology in addition to success stories in cloud adoption for SAP applications. Come inside for a look and experience the full awesomeness of the HUAWEI CLOUD SAP Solution.

Enterprise Digital Transformation Session

Mr. Imran KHAN, Vice-President of SAP Solutions; Mr. Li Peisong, General Manager of SAP Joint Innovation Center; Ms. Zhang Jue, CIO of Mengniu Dairy Group; Ms. Jiang Wenwen, CTO of the Harbin Pharmaceutical Group; Zhu Shuxiang, CIO of BESTORE; and Mr. Hong Yuchen, Director of HUAWEI CLOUD SAP Solution Product Line, all spoke at the event. The solution allows smooth migration of SAP services to the cloud, accelerating digital transformations for enterprises. This session comprised four main sub-sessions.

SAP Joint Innovation - Building Smart Enterprises

Mr. Kham first talked about SAP’s mission, development progress, its recognition from customers that have made it what it is today, the tremendous value the company has delivered to society in recent years, and its vision for the future in helping build enterprise into smart-enabled organizations. Mr. Li Peisong, General Manager of the SAP China Joint Innovation Center, delivered his speech entitled "Ecosystem Breakthroughs and the Road to Growth: Jointly Innovating with Partners to Build Smart Enterprises" during which he mentioned, "Intelligence will reshape all industries and the entire business world. The vision of SAP is to work with partners to help customers build smart enterprises. The SAP PAC Joint Innovation Center is an important component in achieving this vision and provides a one-stop service platform for innovating jointly with our customers and partners. "

Huawei is the only platinum sponsor of the SAP PAC Joint Innovation Center. The two organizations have produced the HUAWEI CLOUD SAP Solution. HUAWEI CLOUD is the first public cloud partner in China to have passed SAP IaaS certification, the only in the industry to have obtained full-stack certification from SAP, and the one to have the passed the most SAP HANA VM certifications.

Digital Transformation at Mengniu Diary Group

Ms. Zhang Jue, CIO of Mengniu Dairy Group, shared her speech titled "The Road of Digital Transformation at Mengniu Group". The group has been focusing on building up its core capabilities through digitalization in recent years to help the company achieve its multi-faceted vision. Ms. Zhang explained the four main application scenarios in the digitalized architecture at the group, including what it calls 'smart milk sourcing' and 360° consumer insight in addition the more standardized approaches in intelligent supply chain and smart manufacturing. All four rely heavily on the flexibility of the hybrid offerings in HUAWEI CLOUD.

With the full-stack capabilities, the two parties are able to deepen their collaboration in DR for core systems, intelligent engineering, intelligent logistics, consumer survey and feedback, and trusted supply chain.

All-Around Optimizations in SAP Cloud Platforms

Mr. Liang Xiaoan, Senior Architect of HUAWEI CLOUD SAP Solution, delivered his speech on the all-around optimizations in building efficient, secure, and reliable SAP cloud platforms. He also shared on the history of cooperation between Huawei and SAP – in particular – the fuller cooperation agreed to in 2018 so the two companies can provide even more SAP-based cloud solutions to Chinese enterprises in the future.   

Huawei and SAP fully considered the pain points in system planning, deployment, O&M, and upgrade of SAP systems when developing the new HUAWEI CLOUD SAP Solution. Experts from both sides engineered six priority values into the offering running on purpose-built architectures able to meet specific application scenarios and deliver value-added services for customers.

The latest progress in the HUAWEI CLOUD SAP Solution was also discussed. The main points follow:

SAP HANA cloud hosts now come with customizable Intel next-gen processors.

Large-screen SAP application monitoring.

Next-gen ultra-high-performance SSD cloud disks able to keep latency in memory down to the nanosecond-level.

Ability to provision resources in minutes.

Panel: Digital Transformations at Enterprises in the Cloud 2.0 Era

Mr. Hong Yuchen, Director of HUAWEI CLOUD SAP Solution Product Line; Ms. Jiang Wenwen, CTO of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group; Mr. Zhu Shuxiang, CIO of BESTORE; Mr. Li Peisong, General Manager of SAP PAC Innovation Center; and Mr. Jiang Wujun, Director of R&D for the HUAWEI CLOUD SAP Solution all shared the stage to talked about the digital transformations at enterprises and how the solution helps customers move their SAP applications to the cloud with the benefits of low cost, elastic scalability, and simplified O&M.

Ms. Jiang Wenwen, CTO of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, mentioned that her company needed 10 technicians to handle its basic O&M prior to solution deployment and only three after.

Mr. Zhu Shuxiang, CIO of BESTORE, talked about how his company has been able to use the solution to respond to rapid business growth, saying: "During the November 11th shopping spree (the unofficial single’s day in China, resembling the Black Friday shopping event), service volumes increase by as much as 50 times. Before, we had to purchase servers between January to September in preparation for the event and we had to often replace the hardware. This approach wasted a lot of resources. The hybrid solutions in HUAWEI CLOUD resolve both cost and DR issues. The cloud provides the soil, we plant whatever kind of ready-made trees and however many we need to suit our requirements. We can plant a thick forest of compute power to gear up for high-volume events in no time then scale back during normal volumes."

Three Huge Exhibits at HUAWEI CONNECT

SAP cloud adoption is a top priority for many enterprises undergoing a digital transformation. This year’s Huawei Connect featured three booths showcasing the HUAWEI CLOUD SAP Solution to demonstrate the wide-range of available applications.

Enterprise Digitalization Display in Hall 2

The all-in-one ERP solution of HUAWEI CLOUD was on display in Hall 2 during the event. Event-goers were able to experience the accelerations made possible in the new SSD cloud disks and the solutions available for enterprises of all sizes.

SAP Exhibition Area in Hall 2

Hall 2 also had the biggest events in cooperation between SAP and Huawei on display in a timeline. In the last few years, the two have worked hand in hand in developing the HUAWEI CLOUD SAP Solution that combines SAP's strengths in software with Huawei's advantages in cloud infrastructure solutions. To date, more than 100 customers have adopted the HUAWEI CLOUD SAP solution.

Industrial Digital Exhibit in Hall 3

The sandbox on display in Hall 3 displayed the SAP-based production system at Topstar after their move to the cloud. The booth attracted a large number of passerbyes. In the increasingly competitive manufacturing industry, Topstar connects various information systems like ERP, MES, CRM, CAD/CAE, and OA to achieve intelligence in production and quick response capabilities to surmount the business challenges in Industry 4.0.


The HUAWEI CLOUD SAP Solution delivers much more than just top performance. It also features full-stack authentication, high reliability, ultra-large capacity, and robust security assurance.

l  Full-stack authentication: HUAWEI CLOUD is the only public cloud service provider that has passed hardware, virtualization, operating system, database, SAP application, and SAP operation certification.

l  High reliability: HUAWEI CLOUD SAP Solution provides complete reliability in the solution, including local HA, backup/restoration, and DR protection.

l  Ultra-large capacity: HUAWEI CLOUD provides an elastic cloud server with up to 1 TB in memory and a bare metal server with up to 16 TB. Elastic cloud servers with 4 TB in memory are being launched soon.

l  Robust security assurance: All platforms, nodes, and services have passed PCI-DSS certification of the British Standards Institution (BSI). With the full-stack security services of HUAWEI CLOUD, security is improved across networks and SAP systems, ensuring the mix of service applications remain up and running around the clock.  

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