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Huawei Cloud ECS Beats Everyone in SAP Performance Evaluation

Oct 17, 2018 GMT+08:00

HUAWEI CLOUD ECS m3.8xlarge.8 beats all other competitors in SAP SD2 benchmark testing. 


The excellent performance of the HUAWEI CLOUD SAP solution further demonstrates the benefits of working closely together – something the organizations have been doing in IaaS layer optimizations for years now. Huawei and SAP provide the most cost-effective SAP-based cloud solutions for enterprise users.

SAP Performance Testing

SAP SD2 benchmark testing measures performance of On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications. During the testing, service applications and databases are installed on the same virtual host. The Benchmark Tool is installed on the client side to execute SAP Application Performance Standard (SAPS) on the application module. The standard is an independent hardware performance index.

A value of 100 SAPS is equivalent to processing 2000 business orders per hour. Processing of each order item includes new order generation, delivery note generation, order display, change in delivery content notice, stocking of
goods, order listing, and invoice generation. The value is also equivalent to 2400 SAP transactions per hour or 6000 console changes and 2000 entry operations per hour. 

Performance of HUAWEI CLOUD ECS m3.8xlarge.8

HUAWEI CLOUD used m3.8xlarge.8 in the performance test. m3.8xlarge.8 achieved a SAPS value of 56280 and a SAPS/vCPUs value of 1758.75 with only 32 vCPUs, setting the bar in the league.



The HUAWEI CLOUD SAP Solution delivers much more than just top performance. It also features full-stack authentication, high reliability, ultra-large capacity, and robust security assurance.

§  Full-stack authentication: HUAWEI CLOUD is the only public cloud service provider that has passed hardware, virtualization, operating system, database, SAP application, and SAP operation certification.

§  High reliability: HUAWEI CLOUD SAP Solution provides complete reliability in the solution, including local HA,
backup/restoration, and DR protection.

§  Ultra-large capacity: HUAWEI CLOUD provides an ECS with up to 1 TB in memory and a bare metal server with up to 16 TB. ECSs with 4 TB in memory are being launched soon.

§  Robust security assurance: All platforms, nodes, and services have passed PCI-DSS certification of the British Standards Institution (BSI). With the full-stack security services of HUAWEI CLOUD, security is improved across
networks and SAP systems, ensuring service applications remain up and running around the clock. 

Huawei established a global technical partnership with SAP back in 2012. Over the past few years, Huawei has rolled out one solution after the other for customers by combining SAP's strengths in software and Huawei's advantages in cloud and infrastructure solutions. To date, more than 100 customers have adopted the solutions.