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HUAWEI CLOUD and Yunlu Build World-Leading Construction Safety and Monitoring Platform

Aug 21, 2018 GMT+08:00

Beijing Yunlu Technology Co., Ltd (Yunlu) and Huawei combined forces in building a state-of-the-art construction safety and monitoring platform powered on HUAWEI CLOUD. The new build is turning heads with all the impressive technologies that have gone into the platform, with unprecedented precision and utility in ensuring modern urban construction, Safe City, and other efforts progress smoothly.

Yunlu CEO Wang Changxin delivered a speech "Smart City Backed By Construction Security" during the third stop of the HUAWEI CLOUD China Tour 2018. During this leg in Beijing, Mr. Wang shared how HUAWEI CLOUD helped his company build the world-leading construction safety and monitoring platform and propelled them into the forefront of the industry with unparalleled program capabilities.

Wang Changxin delivering his speech during the event in Beijing

Mr. Wang explained how Yunlu adopted the wide range of HUAWEI CLOUD PaaS and IaaS technologies (including container, microservice, big data, EI, and GPU acceleration) and connection and edge technologies like IoT and Intelligent EdgeFabric into its high-precision data resolution/analysis platform and big data-infused construction safety and operational monitoring/predictive platform. He went on to explain how leveraging the ever-improving and ever-expanding offerings available in HUAWEI CLOUD has helped Yunlu significantly improve construction safety together with partners. The Yunlu-Huawei integrative solution has been well received and everyone is talking about the impressive advances made possible through the collaborative efforts.

As part of the project, HUAWEI CLOUD powers the Yunlu BeiDou satellite positioning system boasting measurement and detection capabilities precise to within a single millimeter. The system fully satisfies engineering requirements while keeping costs down.

Mr. Wang emphasized that teaming up with HUAWEI CLOUD has propelled his company into the lead and enabled the predictive and pre-warning technology on the platform to draw out potential risks and avoid economic loss, personal injury, and damage to physical assets.

In October this year, partners like Yunlu will showcase their success in HUAWEI CLOUD at Huawei Connect 2018 themed "Activate Intelligence" in Shanghai. Get ready to be amazed and find out how to ramp up your innovations with the latest in cloud services and tech!