Smart Campus

Campuses typically contain a number of conveniently located buildings and facilities, including residential blocks, business parks, educational facilities, exhibition halls, cultural centers, industrial areas, commercial centers, and government offices. In 2017, there were more than 1.2 million campuses across China. HUAWEI CLOUD focuses on security, efficiency, experience, and cost, and helps partners build standardized smart campuses.

Overall Sandbox

Application Scenarios

Huawei is committed to building a digital platform that enables smart campuses and redefines campus service architecture. By integrating various intelligent frontend subsystems and supporting innovative application development by ecosystem partners, the platform enables integrated data, visualized statuses, manageable services, and controllable events. At Huawei, our focus is on making sure that campuses are safe, comfortable, efficient, and green, and our Smart Campus solution does just that. It provides a better service experience for campus users and maintains excellent operations capabilities for campus operators, thereby creating a greater economic and social value.