Smart Retail

HUAWEI CLOUD promotes retails' digital transformation by providing a comprehensive Retail solution for building both omni-channel online and offline solutions, integrating retail applications with rich big data, AI, and cloud services.
Solution Advantages
  • Service Neutrality

    Huawei does not touch applications or data, and espouses full cooperation in the open ecosystem.

  • Secure and Reliable

    The comprehensive security protection system provides airtight security. Customer data is never collected and never commercialized without customers' permission.

  • High Performance Assurance

    HUAWEI CLOUD Smart Retail has been verified by hundreds of millions of Consumer Cloud users and online and offline Vmall customers. It handles a massive amount of concurrent connections, and handles promotional activity service pressure with ease.

  • Enterprise Intelligent

    Upgrades your services with a wide range of intelligent retail solutions, incorporating Enterprise Intelligence (EI) provided by HUAWEI CLOUD.

Business Challenges
  • Changing Shopping Preferences

    With the rapid development of e-commerce, an increasingly small share of customer purchases are at brick-and-mortar stores. Traditional retailers must find ways to keep and attract customers in the new shopping model if they hope to thrive amid fierce competition.

  • Changing Business Models

    Traditional retailers focus their attention on goods and store operations. However, the shift in retail business models transforms the relationships between retailers and customers, requiring that retailers adapt accordingly.

  • Inconsistent Customer Experience

    Isolated IT infrastructures and operation teams fail to integrate online and offline customers, members, commodities, inventories, and orders. Online and offline customer experience is inconsistent.

  • Absent Data Driving

    Lacking a unified customer view, traditional retailers cannot identify potential customers and increase cross-selling. Retailers cannot view and analyze real-time operations data.

Typical Scenarios
  • Smart Store

  • Omni-channel Platform

  • Smart Wi-Fi

Smart Store

Smart Store

Applies IoT, AI, and big data in retail stores to improve customer experience and sales performance.

  1. Improved Customer Experience

    Visitor identification and smart guide

  2. Improved Conversion Rate

    Customer flow analysis, facial recognition, VR/AR, smart billboard, and cloud shelf

  3. Lower Operation Cost & Higher Efficiency

    Electronic shelf label, smart shelf, self-service checkout, and mobile payment

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Omni-channel Platform

Omni-channel Platform

Builds a unified platform to process and manage front-end and services, supporting retailers and both self-built back-end and third-party e-commerce platforms.

  1. Online to Offline

    Based on global data structure, ensures consistently optimal customer experience, order processing, inventory management, distribution and logistics services, and payment processing.

  2. Complete PaaS for the Platform

    Provides the Kubernetes container platform, one-stop microservice development management platform, enterprise-level cloud middleware, and high-performance serverless functions.

  3. Huawei's Practical Experience

    Builds a standard front-end architecture to quickly build sites globally. The omni-channel platform is built to efficiently process orders and unify delivery and payment processing.

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Smart Wi-Fi

Smart Wi-Fi

Converges IoT and Wi-Fi, enabling industry digital transformation.

  1. New Revenue Growth Point

    Value of integrated offline merchant data increases while user locations form the basis for online marketing. Value of integrated online marketing data is improved by using user behavior data to guide traffic to offline merchants.

  2. Excellent Shopping Experience

    Professional network planning ensures mall-wide Wi-Fi coverage and strong network signal, optimizing customer experience. In-store navigation, reverse vehicle search, and personalized advertisements keep customers shopping.

  3. Lower Operation Cost & Higher Efficiency

    Electronic shelf labels and automatic update of commodity prices reduce workload by 90%. Smart purchase guides reduce labor costs by 80%.

Solution Architectures


Provides retailers with comprehensive cloud service support, such as IaaS, PaaS, AI, and big data. Integrates with ISV service platforms to help retailers build omni-channel, smart business forms.


  • Highly reliable cloud service product framework safeguards services.
  • Service neutrality
  • High-performance cloud services support rapid service provisioning.
  • Advanced security protection system
  • Smart cloud services enable smart retail.
  • Supportive to distributed applications based on the microservice architecture
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