Hybrid Cloud Solution

Allows customers to use HUAWEI CLOUD services in their local data centers to meet specific security and compliance requirements. An interactive development provides ever-improving cloud services to address customers' changing service requirements and the low-latency requirements in certain scenarios.
Solution Advantages
  • Consistent User Experience

    Uses the same GUIs and follow the same operations as the public cloud to provide consistent user experience.

  • Compatibility with Different Clouds

    Integrates and manages resources of HUAWEI CLOUD, jointly-operated clouds, and third-party public clouds.

  • Fast Interaction and Unified O&M

    Quick synchronization of newly available public cloud services and unified operation and maintenance of the public and hybrid clouds

  • Cross-AZ Disaster Recovery

    One-click disaster recovery switchover and on-demand DR drills

Solution Architectures


HCS Online has the same technology architecture as that of HUAWEI CLOUD. It uses standardized hardware in the physical layer and uses CloudOS to logically virtualize hardware resources. It provides different cloud services with the same user experience as HUAWEI CLOUD. Cloud services feature unified multi-tenant authentication, infrastructure services, metering, O&M management (including monitoring, alarm reporting, and logging), operations management (including billing and ordering), API gateways, console framework, and security management.


  • Uses fully decoupled cloud services.
  • Shares the same application ecosystem as HUAWEI CLOUD.
  • Decouples operations from maintenance.
  • Scales services on demand.
  • Combines cloud services as required.
  • Provides robust platform reliability for all cloud services.
Recommended Services
  • Dedicated Distributed Storage Service
    DSS provides you with dedicated, physical storage resources. By flexibly interconnecting with various computing services, such as ECS, BMS, and DeC, DSS offers first-class performance in a wide-range of scenarios, including, HPC, OLAP, and hybrid loads.
  • Cloud Trace Service
    CTS records operations on cloud resources in your account. You can use the records to perform security analysis, track resource changes, audit compliance, and locate faults. You can view the last 7 days of records via the console and transfer them to Object Storage Service (OBS) for long-term storage.
  • Bare Metal Server
    BMS provides physical servers with excellent computing performance and data security needed for core databases, key application systems, and high performance computing.

Provides Scalable, On-demand Computing Resources

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