Online Education Training

This online training platform helps students meet their learning needs by intelligently connecting a variety of cloud resources and services online. For example, students can use this solution to find online resources for self-study, and then complete exercises and answer questions to test comprehension afterwards. Then, the system intelligently analyzes student's answers, highlighting strengths and weakness and helping improve learning efficiency.
Solution Advantages
  • Multiple Interaction Methods

    Teachers and students can communicate with one another using audio, videos, and text messages. Teachers can interact with students by writing content on whiteboards or annotating courseware documents in real time. Students can also answer or raise questions in real time.

  • Real-time Content Sharing

    Teachers and students can watch the same content and annotations on whiteboards at the same time using their own PCs, mobile phones, and tablets. Teachers can also control the sharing of auto and video files with students.

  • In-class Management

    Teachers and students can use public cloud services for online testing, test result analysis, revealing answers, and providing further information. In addition, teachers can use functions such as roll call, screen lock, attendance statistics, and desktop monitoring to enhance teaching efficiency.

  • Flexible Class Modes

    Classes that have fewer than 100 students (such as small-class teaching and family education) can have interactive classes. Classes that have thousands or tens of thousands of students can have live broadcast classes, such as MOOCs or professional training. This cost-efficient solution provides strong interaction capabilities and allows everyone to use e-learning solutions on multiple devices without the need to install clients.

Business Challenges
  • Online Study Peaks

    Students often study at specific times, which requires cloud services to provide a large number of elastic resources for fast and automatic deployment. HUAWEI CLOUD provides free auto-scaling resources and high-performance, large-capacity cloud services for resource expansion and recycling.

  • Rigid Student-teacher Interactions

    Teachers do not have effective ways to interact with their students, and therefore struggle to maintain students' attention. To address this issue, HUAWEI CLOUD provides teachers with online interaction and coordination capabilities.

  • Slow Course Deployment

    Courses and services cannot be deployed and adjusted based on students' needs. HUAWEI CLOUD provides Cloud Container Engine (CCE) to enable second-level course deployment and online services, helping online service providers enhance their competitive strengths.

  • Singular, Boring Teaching Style

    Lack of tailored teaching styles (mostly courseware on demand) leads to inefficient learning. HUAWEI CLOUD provides an online education training solution to enable flexible, personalized online training services.

Typical Scenarios
  • Online Classroom (E-Campus)

  • Online Library

  • E-Campus Workspace

Online Classroom (E-Campus)

Uploads lecture videos to the cloud, enabling students across regions to learn from the best teachers. Provides educators with comprehensive content and channels, establishing a bridge between teachers and students.

  1. Mass Storage Service:

    Enables playback of lecture videos anytime, anywhere, and stores resources on different storage media based on their access frequencies.

  2. Video on Demand

    Uses CDN acceleration to quickly transfer video resources to clients, improving user experience. Dynamically adjusts the number of servers based on online user quantity.

  3. Related Services

    Elastic Cloud Server

    Object Storage Service

    Elastic Load Balance

    RDS for MySQL

    Direct Connect

Online Library

Uses dedicated cloud resource pools on HUAWEI CLOUD to migrate the library management system, academic journal management system, and other service systems to the cloud. In addition, it also provides independent computing resources to directly migrate some services that cannot be moved to the cloud to physical servers. HUAWEI CLOUD provides ECSs for quick and elastic capacity expansion and stores different types of resources by category, enabling fast data access at the underlying storage layer and offering dedicated link services.

  1. High-Performance Storage Service

    Enables the system to host hundreds of billions of files and provides million-level IOPS, allowing data libraries to effectively access and query data. Supports backup on the cloud to ensure high service availability.

  2. Auto Scaling

    Uses the smart campus cloud platform and auto-scaling cloud computing resources to improve server utilization.

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    Elastic Cloud Server

    Object Storage Service

    Elastic Load Balance

    RDS for MySQL

    Direct Connect

E-Campus Workspace

Uses a 1:1 full copy desktop solution to provide teachers with a high-performance VM, which enables them to access their desktop at anytime, from anywhere. Consolidates computing and cloud resources in data centers for centralized management. Fan module-free thin clients with low power consumption are used at offices.

  1. Workspace

    Workspace is a virtual desktop service hosted on HUAWEI CLOUD. It provides Windows desktops and applications as cloud services. You can access virtual desktops in the cloud for office anytime, anywhere. Workspace provides professional office applications to help you build simplified and secure IT office systems that offer high service efficiency at low costs.

  2. Fast Capacity Expansion

    Flexibly and linearly adjusts VM specifications without the need to change hardware configurations.

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    Object Storage Service

    Elastic Load Balance

    RDS for MySQL


    Direct Connect

Solution Architectures

Optimized for customers in education, enterprise internal training, training institutions, and other scenarios that use video teaching, this solution has the following advantages.

  1. Multiple interaction methods, including audio and video, data exchange, and text messages to ensure effective interactions between teachers and students.

  2. Diverse teaching styles leverage functions on the cloud, such as whiteboard writing, high-speed document scanners, and shared courseware, desktops, and multimedia.

  3. Comprehensive classroom management functions include roll call, desktop monitoring, attendance statistics, and screen lock.

  4. Flexible class modes provide a variety of teaching modes including video-on-demand (VOD), live broadcast, and interactive classes.

Recommended Services
  • Object Storage Service
    Object Storage Service (OBS) is a stable, secure, efficient, easy-to-use, and cost-effective cloud storage service. With RESTful application programming interfaces (APIs), OBS is able to store any amount and form of unstructured data at a reliability of 99.999999999%.
  • Anti-DDoS
    With professional anti-DDoS devices, the Anti-DDoS traffic cleaning service (Anti-DDoS) provides refined defense against DDoS attacks (such as CC, SYN flood, and UDP flood) for Internet applications. You can customize defense thresholds based on your leased bandwidth and service model, and will be promptly notified about attacks to promptly defend your website.
  • Web Application Firewall
    Based on Huawei's extensive experience with intrusion defense, WAF is designed to keep your website stable and secure. It examines all HTTP/HTTPS requests to detect and block attacks such as SQL injections, XSS, Trojan horses, CC attacks, malicious crawlers, and third-party vulnerability exploits.

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