HUAWEI CLOUD Overall Security

Because we understand that security is very important to our customers, we have designed security plans and architecture that protect data and ensure that services run properly. Our secure and reliable cloud infrastructure was built to comply with authoritative standards and international best practices in cloud security. To help our customers protect their cloud applications, systems, and important data, we also offer low-cost, on-demand, and automatic cloud security services.

HUAWEI CLOUD Security White Paper

White Paper for HUAWEI CLOUD Data Security

White Paper for HUAWEI CLOUD Privacy Protection

White Paper for HUAWEI CLOUD Trustworthiness

Cloud Security Policies

At Huawei, cloud service security is a priority. With data protection at its core, HUAWEI CLOUD possesses not only industry-leading software and hardware advantages, but also cloud security capability, compliance with laws and regulations, and a security ecosystem. As one of Huawei's key development strategies, HUAWEI CLOUD features a complete cloud service security system suitable for different regions and industries.

HUAWEI CLOUD Security System

Infrastructure Security

  • Physical device & environment security
  • Cloud platform security
  • Network security
  • Data security

Tenant Security

  • Permission management mechanism
  • Anti-DDoS protection
  • Network isolation
  • Data security

O&M Security

  • O&M account management
  • O&M account authentication
  • O&M permission management
  • Vulnerability management
  • Centralized log management
  • O&M access security

Security Compliance

HUAWEI CLOUD's cloud services comply with international security laws, and its cloud platforms comply with all relevant laws and standards. HUAWEI CLOUD services and platforms have received the following certifications:

  • ISO 27001

  • Classified Cybersecurity Protection of China's Ministry of Public Security

  • ISO 20000

  • SOC

  • ISO 27018

  • PCI DSS Certification

  • CSA STAR Gold Certification


  • ITSS

  • Cloud Service Security Certification - Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC)

  • International Common Criteria EAL 3+ Certification

  • ISO 27017

  • MTCS Level3

  • ISO 20000

  • ISO 22301

Security Ecosystem

HUAWEI CLOUD is dedicated to maintaining an open, collaborative, and high-value security ecosystem. Partnering with industry-leading security product and service vendors in a shared-responsibility model, Huawei provides easy-to-use solutions that protect customers' data and services against known and unknown threats.

In security technologies, Huawei works with over 40 partners worldwide, providing over 120 security products and services on its public cloud platform.

In commercial security services, Huawei works with over 400 solution partners around the world, including Accenture, SAP, Infosys, and ESI. Through these partnerships, Huawei helps customers design industry security solutions and business models, promoting industry digitalization.

Security Response Services

Vulnerability Reporting

If you suspect that HUAWEI CLOUD resources are being used inappropriately or encounter any security vulnerabilities in the HUAWEI CLOUD website, products, or services, email

24/7 Security Response Team

Available 24/7, the HUAWEI CLOUD security response team is a subset of the highly experienced Huawei Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT).

Automatic and Traceable O&M Management System

Huawei's unified infrastructure enables automatic configuration, detection, vulnerability scanning, patch upgrades, and log auditing for the entire network. Security threats are identified in real time and quasi-real time. All HUAWEI CLOUD security operations comply with information security and management requirements of global standards such as ISO 27001 and CSA-STAR.

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