Vulnerability Scan Service

Vulnerability Scan Service (VSS) is a security diagnosis service that uses weakness detection and intelligent correlation analysis technologies to help discover security risks in your websites or servers.

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Product Advantages
  • Full Scan Capabilities

    Scans for website, host, and middleware vulnerabilities, as well as weak passwords.

  • Automatic Monitoring

    Monitors the latest network vulnerabilities in real time, updates detection rules immediately, and detects asset risks promptly.

  • Intelligent Scanning

    Harmless scan dynamically adjusts scanning frequency and analyzes how detection results are correlated.

  • Compliance Checks

    In compliance with Huawei and the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks, checks for configuration weaknesses to expose vulnerabilities.

Application Scenarios
  • Website Vulnerability Scan

  • Host Vulnerability Scan

  • Weak Password Scan

  • Middleware Scan

Website Vulnerability Scan

Website Vulnerability Scan

Website vulnerabilities can lead to a crippling impact on business and cause financial loss if not found and addressed at the earliest possible time.


Scans for Common Vulnerabilities

Incorporates a vulnerability rule library for scanning all types of websites and produces comprehensive scan reports.

Scans for the Most Recent Critical Vulnerabilities

Security experts analyze the latest critical vulnerabilities and update rules to provide the fastest and most-complete CVE vulnerability scan.

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Host Vulnerability Scan

Host Vulnerability Scan (Coming Soon)

Hosts bearing critical services may be exposed to vulnerabilities and non-compliant configurations.


In-Depth Scanning

Performs multi-dimensional OS vulnerability detection and configuration checking.

Intranet Scanning

Enterprises can choose to enact an intranet scanning policy on servers.

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Weak Password Scan

Weak Password Scan

Passwords are usually used for remote login to assets such as hosts or middleware. Attackers often use scanning technologies to hack usernames and weak passwords.


Multi-Scenario Applicability

Scans for standard web services, all OSs, and 90% of all middleware, including databases.

Built-in Weak Password Library

Simulates hacker detection of weak passwords. You can also use your own weak password library to detect passwords.

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Middleware Scan

Middleware Scan (Coming Soon)

Middleware helps develop and integrate complex application software flexibly and efficiently. If a hacker discovers and exploits vulnerabilities in the middleware, the security of the upper layer and lower layer is compromised.


Diverse Scenario Applicability

Supports vulnerability scanning of foreground development frameworks, and background microservices, as well as configuration compliance scanning.

Multiple Scan Methods

Chooses standard scan or custom scan to identify the middleware and its version in the server, and discover vulnerabilities and risks.

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  • Vulnerability Scan

    Enables specialized vulnerability scanning of assets, including web applications, hosts, middleware, and weak passwords.

  • Smart Monitoring

    Dynamically adjusts the scan speed, monitors the latest network vulnerabilities 24/7, and responds in real time.

Vulnerability Scan

  • Weak passwords

    SSH, RDP, SMB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Redis, Oracle, DB2, GaussDB, Postgres, and Telnet

  • Front-end vulnerabilities

    SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery (CSRF), and URL redirection

  • Information leakage

    Port exposure, directory traversal, backup files, insecure files, insecure HTTP methods, and insecure ports

  • Web injections

    Command injection, code injection, XPath injection, Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF), and deserialization vulnerabilities

  • File inclusion

    Reading, inclusion, and upload of any file, and XML External Entity attack (XXE attack)

Smart Monitoring

  • Critical vulnerability detection

    Experts update detection rules upon discovering high-risk vulnerabilities, help locate the affected servers or websites, and provide detailed recommendations for resolving potential security issues.

  • Harmless scanning

    VSS has been designed without dirty data into your database during scanning.

  • Intelligent scan speed control

    Used for adjusting the scan speed based on site load, ensuring service continuity.

  • Comprehensive Report

    Generates a comprehensive scan report with detected vulnerabilities classified and provides the recommended actions to improve site defenses.

  • Scan Customization

    Allows you to customize scan rules, such as scan strength, to meet a variety of service requirements.

Comprehensive Report

  • Security overview

    Collects, analyzes, and correlates statistics on each scan result, and displays the trends and vulnerability attributes in breakdown tables, helping improve vulnerability management.

  • Vulnerability classification

    Classifies vulnerabilities by severity and provides recommendations on how to fix each type.

  • Professional scan reports

    Provides detailed information, including URLs, vulnerability names, and descriptions, that can be downloaded to a local PC.

Scan Customization

  • Customization of login methods

    Chooses the method best suited for you to log in, such as using the account and password or cookies.

  • Custom scan plugins

    Selects specific plugins so you can scan specific types of vulnerabilities and quickly identify risks.

  • Crawler setting

    Sets the crawler user agent (UA) and excludes links from being crawled, enhancing scan security.

  • Scheduled scans

    Customizes the start time of a scan, helping you avoid performance bottlenecks during peak service hours.

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