Simple Message Notification

Simple Message Notification (SMN) enables you to broadcast messages to email addresses, phone numbers, and HTTP/HTTPS servers and connect cloud services through notifications, reducing system complexity.

Product Advantages
  • Convenient

    Efficiently sends messages with three easy-to-use APIs for topic creation, subscription, and message publishing.

  • Stable and Reliable

    Saves messages in multiple data centers to achieve high availability. If a message delivery fails, the failed message will be cached and delivered again.

  • Multi-Protocol

    Enables you to deliver messages to subscribers using various protocols with only one messaging request.

  • Secure

    Isolates data by topic. Unauthorized users cannot access your message queues, ensuring service security.

Application Scenarios
  • Integration with Cloud Services

  • Off-Peak Traffic Control

Integration with Cloud Services

Integration with Cloud Services

Use messages to connect other cloud services, achieving system decoupling and ensuring reliability. If one service becomes faulty, messages sent to other services will not be adversely affected.



Connects cloud services and automatically invokes their functions through messages.

Simple and Highly Efficient

Greatly reduces system complexity and improves service efficiency.

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Off-Peak Traffic Control

Off-Peak Traffic Control

If there is a discrepancy between processing capabilities of the upstream and downstream systems, SMN can cache data to reduce downstream pressure.


Highly Reliable

Reduces breakdowns, enhances availability, and mitigates complexity in the system.

Optimized Message Processing

Greatly enhances system capabilities to process messages during peak hours.

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  • Topic Subscription

    Provides topic management, subscription, and message publishing so that you can send messages via multiple protocols.

  • Service Integration

    Integrates cloud services through notifications to reduce complexity in the service architecture.

  • Message Template

    Enables you to customize message templates, eliminating repeated message editing and improving message sending efficiency.

Topic Subscription

Service Integration

Message Template

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