Pricing Highlights

Per-Hour Billing

Per-Hour Billing model saves upfront payments and replaces them with low variable costs. You are billed by the hour, which allows you to flexibly adapt to business needs, and reduces risks of over-provisioning or under-provisioning.

Pay Less with Longer Subscriptions

If your application workload is stable for long periods, you can subscribe to periodic services. A periodic subscription can save up to 50% compared to a pay-per-use option over the same period. You can save more with longer subscription periods.

Pay Less by Using More

With HUAWEI CLOUD, you can receive resource package discounts and realize important savings with increased usage. Tiered pricing is used for services such as Object Storage Service (OBS), meaning the more you use, the less you pay per GB.

Product Pricing Details

  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Network
  • Database
  • Security
  • Application
  • Enterprise Applications

Calculate Your Savings

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