Distributed Message Service for Kafka

Distributed Message Service (DMS) for Kafka features high throughput, concurrency, and scalability. It suits scenarios such as real-time data transmission, stream data processing, system decoupling, and traffic balancing.

Product Advantages
  • Usability Out of the Box

    Fully compatible with open-source Kafka, allowing you to migrate your applications to the cloud without having to edit their code.

  • Fully Managed Kafka Queues

    Frees you from deployment and maintenance so you can focus on your business.

  • High Performance

    Provides high-throughput, low-latency, and high-performance queues.

  • Data Security

    Records management operations and supports SASL_SSL encryption in identity authentication and data transmission to prevent theft or tampering.

Application Scenarios
  • Enterprise

  • IoT



Kafka decouples enterprise service systems, accelerating service processing and preventing faults in one system from affecting others.


Service HA

Data is replicated, preventing faults in one system from affecting others.

High Performance

Requests can be processed within milliseconds.

System Decoupling

Service systems are decoupled from each other and communicate through message queues.

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Kafka acts as a messaging tool that gathers massive volumes of data generated from various types of IoT devices. The data is then retrieved from Kafka for analysis and query.


High Concurrency

By merging and compressing data, a single instance can handle millions of TPS.

Massive Message Accumulation

Data is persisted, and the message accumulation capacity can be expanded with larger disk capacity.

High Performance

Requests can be processed within milliseconds.

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  • Auto Scaling

    Kafka queues scale automatically with traffic fluctuations. Queue use is billed by throughput.

  • Massive Accumulation

    A single queue can hold hundreds of millions of messages without compromising performance.

  • High Concurrency

    Queue throughput reaches 100,000 concurrent messages per second. Higher concurrency can be achieved by adding more queues.

  • Low Latency

    Message delivery time is accurate to the millisecond.

  • High Data Reliability

    Data replication and synchronous flushing to disks ensure up to ten nines data reliability.

  • Service HA

    Clustered and cross-AZ deployments ensure service availability of up to 99.95%.

  • Traceability

    DMS interworks with Cloud Trace Service (CTS) to record and audit tenant management operations.

Auto Scaling

Massive Accumulation

High Concurrency

Low Latency

High Data Reliability

Service HA


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