Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network (CDN) delivers content from origin sources to edge nodes, accelerating content delivery with nearest-node access. CDN speeds up website response, ensures content availability, and prevents network traffic bottlenecks.

Different billing modes are provided.

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Product Advantages
  • Multiple Nodes

    More than 1,500 CDN nodes in over 130 countries and regions, supported by more than 1,600 carrier networks.

  • Full Protection

    The anti-DDoS and web application security protection capabilities protect origin servers against traffic attacks and ensure normal system running.

  • Simple Operation

    Provides quick access and self service domain name management. Custom configuration items are supported.

  • Stability & Reliability

    Full-service acceleration, including website, download, and video acceleration, enables users to quickly and reliably access their data.

Application Scenarios
  • Website Acceleration

  • Download Acceleration

  • Video Acceleration

Website Acceleration

Website Acceleration

CDN accelerates portals, e-commerce platforms, news apps, and user-generated content (UGC), and provides nationwide acceleration services for static content available in predefined domain names.


Fast Configuration

Domain names can be configured in just six steps.

Secure Acceleration

Easy configuration of HTTPS and referer URL validation ensure high security.

Flexible Configuration

Static content can be temporarily or permanently cached, and dynamic content can also be uncached.

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Download Acceleration

Download Acceleration

CDN significantly shortens the time required to update software and apps, making it the perfect choice for scenarios in which HTTP/HTTPS protocols are used for downloading (for example, websites, download tools, game clients, and App stores).


Real-Time Analytics

Log monitoring and statistical analysis are performed in real time.

Security and Reliability

All network nodes support HTTPS, enabling the configuration of referer URL blacklists and whitelists to enhance data security.

Reduced Costs

CDN interworks with OBS to further enhance performance and save costs.

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Video Acceleration

Video Acceleration

CDN accelerates on-demand media services such as e-learning, video sharing, TV programs, and music apps.


Real-Time Monitoring

Traffic and bandwidth are monitored in real time.

Security Control

Anti-leeching access control ensures copyright protection.

Flexible Configuration

Content can be temporarily or permanently cached, or uncached.

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  • Secure Acceleration

    Multiple mechanisms safeguard data transmission and access control.

  • Cloud-based Monitoring

    The one-stop service platform monitors logs and performs analysis in real time.

  • Flexible Configuration

    Content and configurations can be updated at anytime.

Secure Acceleration

  • HTTPS security acceleration

    HTTPS is configured for all CDN nodes by using certificates that correspond to domain names.

  • Referrer blacklist and whitelist

    Access is granted for authorized users by filtering the referrer field in HTTP requests.

Cloud-based Monitoring

  • Resource monitoring

    Traffic and peak bandwidth are monitored in real time, and a traffic tendency chart helps evaluate services.

  • Statistical analysis

    Statistics can be viewed for specific time ranges, and services can be analyzed by checking logs.

Flexible Configuration

  • Optional billing modes

    Services are billed by traffic, bandwidth, or 95th percentile bandwidth. Pre-paid traffic packages are also available.

  • Preheating

    The latest content is always available to users because cached content is forced to expire.

Usage Guides

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