Cloud Container Engine

Cloud Container Engine (CCE) is a high-performance, high-reliability service through which enterprises can manage containerized applications. CCE supports native Kubernetes applications and tools, allowing you to easily set up a container runtime environment on the cloud.

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  • Ease of Use

    Creation of container clusters with a few clicks; one-stop deployment and O&M of containerized applications; Kubernetes and Docker out of the box.

  • High Performance

    Container network built from extensive field experience; large-scale, high-efficiency container deployment and management.

  • Enterprise-Ready

    High availability (HA) through three masters on the cluster control plane; node and application deployment across availability zones (AZ); high-security, private clusters with role-based access control.

  • Wide-Open Compatibility

    Support for Kubernetes- and Docker-native versions; among the first CNCF-certified Kubernetes service providers; top contributor to the Kubernetes and Docker communities.

Application Scenarios
  • Auto Scaling

  • DevOps Delivery

  • Hybrid Cloud

Auto Scaling

Auto Cluster Scaling

Computing resources can be adjusted based on service requirements and preset strategies, so the number of Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs) or containers increases or decreases with service traffic changes, ensuring stable service running.



Allows multiple scaling policies and instantly scales containers when specified conditions are met.

High Availability

Automatically detects the statuses of instances in auto-scaling groups and replaces unhealthy instances with new ones.

Low Cost

Charges you only for the ECS resources that you use.

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DevOps Delivery

One-Stop Container Delivery

CCE can interconnect with existing CI/CD pipelines to automatically complete code compilation, image building, dark launching, and containerization based on source code.


Efficient Processes

Reduces the script compilation workload by more than 80% with streamlined processes.

Flexible Integration

Provides various APIs to integrate with existing CI/CD systems, making customization much easier with improved readiness.

High Performance

Schedules tasks flexibly with a fully containerized architecture.

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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

You can collectively manage containers on CCE and those on your private cloud. Applications and data can be seamlessly migrated between your local network and the cloud, facilitating resource scheduling and service disaster recovery.


Reduced Costs

The HUAWEI CLOUD resource pool can be used for rapid capacity expansion during peak hours while reducing costs.

On-Cloud DR

The service system is deployed both on premises and on the cloud. The on-premises system provides services while the cloud ensures disaster recovery.

Technology Sharing

The CCE service is no different on-premises from that on the cloud. The on-premises system can seamlessly interconnect to other HUAWEI CLOUD services.

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  • Deployment and O&M

    Creation of Kubernetes clusters with a few clicks; auto deployment, auto O&M, and lifecycle management of containerized applications.

  • High Availability

    HA on the cluster control plane and across AZs; graceful scale-out and scale-in of containerized applications.

Deployment and O&M

High Availability

  • Application Scheduling

    A variety of scheduling policies (affinity, anti-affinity) to balance performance with reliability.

  • Application Scaling

    Scaling of cluster nodes and workloads; combined use of scaling policies.

Application Scheduling

Application Scaling

  • Open-Source

    Compatible with Kubernetes/Docker-native APIs and commands; updates from the communities incorporated every few months.

  • DevOps

    Delivery of containerized applications in a few clicks without the need to compile Dockerfiles; process templates for improving delivery efficiency.



  • Vertical Integration

    Integration with IaaS resources, such as computing (ECS, BMS), network (VPC, EIP), and storage (EVS, OBS, SFS) resources.

Vertical Integration

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