Question Answering Bot

Question Answering Bot (QABot) helps enterprises quickly build, publish, and manage intelligent Q&A bots.

Fees start as low as $3.00 USD/10,000 API calls.

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Product Advantages
  • Quick Builds

    QABot provides tools and online operation interfaces to accelerate knowledge base building, knowledge mining, and model training.

  • Leading Algorithms

    Industry-vetted AI algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms that integrate deep learning and traditional algorithms are adopted to build the core engine.

  • Automated Learning

    Bots learn and train themselves based on user feedback. The more the bots are used, the more accurate they become.

  • Self-Service

    A full-lifecycle management interface is provided for the knowledge base. You can add, delete, modify, and query knowledge bases, and manually debug the bot algorithm model.

Application Scenarios
  • Automated Q&A

  • Agent Assistant

  • Pre-sales Consultation

Automated Q&A

Automated Q&A

Bots automatically handle customer questions across a wide range of scenarios, with great accuracy. They can provide after-sales support, questions on use, and troubleshooting, significantly reducing labor costs.


High Matching Precision

Intelligent semantic matching engines are integrated with machine learning, information retrieval, and deep learning to ensure precise answers, improving user satisfaction.

Knowledge Closed-Loop

Technologies like text mining and association rules are used to learn domain knowledge from multiple sources, such as logs and operations records, thereby enriching the knowledge base and improving performance.

Agent Assistant

Agent Assistant

Productivity and customer satisfaction are improved with real-time analysis of the interaction between agents in the call center and customers. During a call, the bot automatically extracts keywords, simplifies and condenses problems, searches for and displays the best answers, and provides real-time support for agents.


Real-Time Support

Bots provide real-time support for human agents, listening to customer questions and matching the answers with high relevancy.

Improved Efficiency & Satisfaction

With the bot's assistance, human agents can answer customer questions faster.

Pre-sales Consultation

Pre-sales Consultation

Product knowledge bases are built in bots so that product questions from potential customers can be answered automatically, including questions about product features or about comparisons to related products.


Service for More Customers

The service is available 24/7 and unsolved questions can be seamlessly handed over to sales specialists for timely reply.

Fully Functional APIs

Fully functional APIs are provided to allow enterprises or ISVs to easily integrate or embed bot capabilities into their existing systems.


  • Automated Reply

    A range of capabilities are available such as question answering, similar question mining, search suggestion, and seamless switchover to manual service, all with industry-vetted AI algorithms.

  • Tools Platform

    QABot provides domain knowledge mining and knowledge base building test platforms to add intelligence and convenience.

  • Operation Analysis

    Operational data, statistics on hot issues and trends are collected and analyzed by the bots.

Automated Reply

  • Flexible knowledge base management

    Batch import or export knowledge bases; or add, delete, modify, and query existing knowledge bases.

  • Different types of APIs

    Call APIs for question answering, for suggesting similar or related questions and hot questions, and other functions.

Tools Platform

  •  Domain knowledge mining

    Flexible and easy-to-use tool sets (interface and data labeling) are provided to mine domain data, such as keywords, entities, and synonyms.

  • Knowledge base building

    QABot provides flexible and easy-to-use tool sets (interface and data labeling) to mine extended questions, related questions, Q&A pairs, and other knowledge sources.

  • Easy-to-use platform with robust functions

    Functions such as data import, modification, data labeling, and model verification are all included.

Operation Analysis

  • Operational statistics & analysis

  • Quality review

  • Multiple algorithm model APIs for mining hot events, trends, and theme distributions

Usage Guidelines

Provides Scalable, On-demand Computing Resources

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