Blockchain Service

Blockchain Service (BCS) is a highly available and secure blockchain platform allowing enterprises and developers to conveniently create, deploy, and manage applications with the superb performance and cost-effectiveness of HUAWEI CLOUD.

Basic-edition service management is free. For service management fees charged for the other editions, see Pricing Details.

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Product Advantages
  • Open and Easy to Use

    Built in compliance with Hyperledger Fabric and Kubernetes, featuring simple configuration, deployment in minutes, and automatic multi-angle E2E O&M

  • Flexible and Efficient

    Multiple efficient consensus algorithms (5,000+ TPS) and flexible switching, dynamic join-in or quitting of multi-role nodes and members, and container-based management

  • Cost-Effective

    Lower development and deployment costs, pay-per-use convenience, reduced O&M expenditures with unified management, and auto scaling and upgrade/rollback on demand

  • Robust Security

    Complete management and isolation of users, keys, and permissions; multi-layer encryption and privacy assurance; and fully demonstrated cyber security infrastructure

Application Scenarios
  • Supply Chain Finance

  • Supply Chain Tracing

  • Digital Assets

  • Notarization for Crowdfunding

Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance

Uses decentralized, tamper-proof, shared ledgers to ensure transparency and fairness, helping SMEs improve their credit ratings while cutting risk management costs.


High efficiency

Shared ledgers allow all parties to use and recognize the same set of data, streamlining the financing process.

Low costs

Complete recording and tracking of logistics, information flows, and capital lower risk management and financing costs.

High credibility

Fair and transparent transactions help SMEs improve their credit ratings and ultimately obtain preferential interest rates for loans.

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Supply Chain Tracing

Supply Chain Tracing

Each party can maintain ledgers, ensuring real-time and authentic data updates, and use product-unique tracing codes, ensuring authenticity of commodities and the distribution processes.



Commodity and distribution information is encrypted in the blockchain, preventing tampering.


Unique commodity codes in the blockchain make it possible to completely and transparently record ownership and distribution.

Easy to trace

Tamper-proof, transparent ledgers allow parties to understand commodity distribution and facilitate supervision by regulators.

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Digital Assets

Digital Assets

Automated transaction capabilities such as asset ownership confirmation and accounting reconciliation support efficient exchange of digital assets and prevent in-chain falsification.


Fewer disputes

Each asset, with an immutable timestamp, is registered publicly, facilitating tracking of asset permissions.

Higher efficiency

Trust, sharing, and security and privacy protection ensure smooth distribution of digital assets.

Prevention of duplicity

Tamper-evident ledgers prevent falsification risks.

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Notarization for Crowdfunding

Notarization for Crowdfunding

Funding is traceable and information is open, transparent, and shared across the entire network, resolving trust issues between organizations.


Increased efficiency

Shared ledgers break down the barriers among people and organizations. Smart contracts enable automatic transaction execution.

Effective control

Distribution, use scope, and even validity period of capital are effectively controlled.

Improved public trust

Algorithm-based consensus between parties at all blockchain nodes makes transactions open and fair, improving mutual trust.

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  • Quick Deployment

    Reduces blockchain deployment time from days to minutes.

  • Dynamic Joins

    Cloud tenants are invited to form consortia. Each tenant has a separate VPC, ensuring security and controllability.

  • Pluggable Consensus Algorithm

    Provides multiple consensus algorithms to adapt to diverse scenarios.

Quick Deployment

  • Lowered threshold

    Adopting Huawei's best practices, deployment time is significantly reduced and configuration is primarily automated, saving time.

  • Masking underlying technology

    The high availability, high performance, and secure blockchain system is ready for immediate use. Users can focus on their business, without concerning themselves with the underlying technologies or having to invest in platform construction.

Dynamic Joins

  • Convenient and flexible

    Consortium blockchains can be formed dynamically. Consortium members share the blockchain network costs.

Pluggable Consensus Algorithm

  • Solo (for simplicity and testing)

    In a Solo ordering service, only one orderer is available. It does not support byzantine fault tolerance, but features quick startup and resource saving.

  • Fast Byzantine Fault Tolerance (FBFT)

    FBFT is a consensus algorithm with high performance and availability. It requires at least four orderers for transaction ordering and tolerates byzantine faults at a maximum of (N – 1)/3 orderers, where N indicates the total number of orderers. For example, assume that there are seven orderers. Transactions can be correctly ordered if no orderer or only one orderer experiences byzantine faults. This algorithm is recommended in the production environment.

  • Kafka (crash fault tolerant)

    This high-speed consensus algorithm orders transactions based on Kafka/Zookeeper, tolerating crash faults on just under half of all nodes.

  • Node Auto Scaling

    Supports auto scaling of peers and orderers to meet high availability demands without needing a system reboot.

  • Visible Code Management

    Allows chaincode management on the web throughout the entire lifecycle, including viewing, installation, and instantiation.

  • Cloud Monitoring

    Offers an open platform to monitor data and resources, generate alarms, and send notifications in real time.

Node Auto Scaling

  • High availability

    Compliant with Kubernetes; support for masters, shared storage, and node fault recovery.

  • Dynamic scaling out

    Docker containers run on nodes and can be seamlessly scaled out based on user requirements without interrupting services.

Visible Code Management

Cloud Monitoring

  • Automated O&M

    Executes active upgrades on the underlying blockchain platform and updates patches automatically to seamlessly integrate with the HUAWEI CLOUD O&M system.

  • Enterprise-grade monitoring

    Performs multi-dimensional monitoring on clusters 24/7, and supports user-defined alarms across multiple channels.

Provides Scalable, On-demand Computing Resources

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