Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management (APM) monitors and manages the performance of cloud applications in real time. APM provides performance analysis of distributed applications, helping O&M personnel quickly locate and resolve faults and performance bottlenecks.

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Product Advantages
  • Ease of Use

    Connects to applications without having to modify code, and collects data in a non-intrusive way.

  • High Performance

    Delivers high throughputs, ensuring premium experience.

  • Intelligent Analysis

    Analyzes root causes using AI-powered threshold detection and machine learning based on historical data.

  • Open Ecosystem

    Opens O&M data query APIs and collection standards, and supports independent development.

Application Scenarios
  • Device-Cloud Full-Link APM

  • RCA

  • Fast Fault Locating

  • User Experience Analysis

Device-Cloud Full-Link APM

Device-Cloud Full-Link APM

APM provides device-cloud application performance tracing and comprehensive topology views, letting you monitor applications in real time and diagnose faults quickly.


E2E Full-Link Tracing

Distributed tracing helps you reproduce problems and locate performance bottlenecks quickly.

Intelligent RCA

O&M data is analyzed in real time, facilitating RCA.

Non-Intrusive Access

Applications can be connected easily without using SDKs.

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RCA (Transaction Insights)

APM uses intelligent algorithms to learn historical data and differentiate success and error characteristics, facilitating RCA.


Error Classification

All errors are classified and snapshot analysis is supported, so that you do not need to check errors one by one.

Intelligent Algorithm

Input parameters, tracing structures, JVM parameters, and resource usage are analyzed.

Full Sampling

Transaction insights enable all tracing data to be collected for analysis.

Fast Fault Locating

Fault Locating in Minutes

APM provides device-cloud application performance tracing and comprehensive topology views, letting you monitor applications in real time and diagnose faults quickly.


Intuitive Topology

Application topologies are displayed, letting you to detect instance exceptions easily.

Tracing Analysis

You can locate faults in code through tracing drill-downs.

Ultra-High Throughput

Method tracing and up to hundreds of millions of API requests are supported.

Slow SQL Analysis

Information about databases, SQL statement calls, response time, and errors is provided, allowing you to detect performance problems easily.

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User Experience Analysis

User Experience Analysis

APM analyzes application transactions in real time and provides Apdex scores, enabling you to monitor user experience comprehensively.


Application KPI Analysis

KPIs such as throughput, latency, and call success rate are displayed, so that you can monitor user experience easily.

Full-Link Performance Tracing

Web services, caches, and databases are traced, so that you can detect performance bottlenecks quickly.

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  • Digital Operations

    Topology auto-discovery, transaction analysis, and Apdex to detect problems and improve user experience

  • Automatic Diagnosis

    KPI (throughput, error rate, latency, and load status) analysis, slow SQL analysis, and intelligent alarm reporting

Digital Operations

Automatic Diagnosis

  • Tracing

    Full-stack tracing on messages from web browsers to servers, and then to databases; code-level O&M

  • Non-Intrusive Access

    Support for mainstream Java frameworks, web containers, communications protocols, and databases; easy access to applications without having to modify code


Non-Intrusive Access

Provides Scalable, On-demand Computing Resources

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