Application Operations Management

Application Operations Management (AOM) provides a one-stop multi-dimensional O&M platform for enterprise applications. It monitors hundreds of metrics of mobile apps, networks, services, middleware, and cloud resources in real time, and detects and diagnoses exceptions through the O&M knowledge base and AIOps engine.

You can use the basic edition for free or pay for advanced editions.

Product Advantages
  • Multi-Dimensional O&M

    Provides one-stop multi-dimensional O&M platform for mobile apps, networks, services, middleware, and cloud resources.

  • Health Check

    Monitors service health in real time, and detects exceptions or performance bottlenecks within minutes.

  • Intelligent Analysis

    Analyzes root causes using AI-powered threshold detection and machine learning based on historical data.

  • Ease of Use

    Connects to applications without having to modify codes, and collects data in a non-intrusive way.

Application Scenarios
  • Device-Cloud Full-Link APM

  • Intelligent Analysis

  • Problem Inspection and Demarcation

  • Multi-Dimensional O&M

Device-Cloud Full-Link APM

Device-Cloud Full-Link APM

AOM provides device-cloud application performance tracing and comprehensive topology views, letting you monitor applications in real time and diagnose faults quickly.


E2E Full-Link Tracing

Distributed tracing helps you reproduce problems and locate performance bottlenecks in codes.

Intelligent RCA

Real-time intelligent analysis of O&M data helps you identify success and error patterns and find out root causes.

Non-Intrusive Access

Applications can be connected and tracked easily without using SDKs.

Intelligent Analysis

Intelligent Analysis

AOM supports AI-powered intelligent analysis of O&M metrics and alerts you to exceptions, like abrupt increases in metrics.


Intelligent Identification of Exceptions

Exceptions like abrupt status changes are easily identified using optimal algorithms based on O&M metric characteristics.

Auto-Adaptive Algorithm

Algorithms are automatically adjusted to suppress excessive alarms.

Auto-Filtering of Glitch Signals

Auto-filtering of discrete glitch signals prevents superfluous alarms from being reported.

Problem Inspection and Demarcation

Problem Inspection and Demarcation

AOM monitors and collects O&M data of infrastructures, middleware, and application instances. It supports functions such as log analysis and event reporting, facilitating problem detection and demarcation.


Auto-Discovery of Applications

Collectors are automatically deployed and applications are automatically discovered and monitored.

Monitoring of Distributed Applications

A unified O&M platform is used to monitor distributed applications.

Notifications of Events and Alarms

Various exception detection policies, trigger modes, and APIs are available.

Multi-Dimensional O&M

Multi-Dimensional O&M

AOM provides multi-dimensional O&M from cloud platforms to resources, and from application monitoring to microservice tracing.


User Experience Assurance

Service KPIs are monitored in real time, and root causes of transaction exceptions are analyzed.

Fast Fault Diagnosis

Distributed tracing helps you locate faults rapidly.

Resource Running Assurance

Hundreds of metrics are monitored in real time, and clusters, VMs, applications, and containers are associated for analysis.


  • Service Monitoring

    Monitoring of cloud services including ECS, CCE, ServiceStage, and APM for smooth application running

  • Application Auto-Discovery

    Auto-discovery and monitoring of applications without code changes; intuitive UIs for easy O&M

  • Dashboard Customization

    Customization of dashboards, supporting line graphs, pie charts, and progress bars

Service Monitoring

Application Auto-Discovery

Dashboard Customization

  • Alarm Customization

    Customization of threshold rules and trigger policies, supporting email, SMS, HTTP, and HTTPS notifications

  • Log Collection

    Storage, retrieval, and analysis of application logs based on custom policies

  • Intelligent Analysis

    AI-powered intelligent analysis of O&M metrics to alert you to exceptions, such as abrupt increases in metrics

Alarm Customization

Log Collection

Intelligent Analysis

Provides Scalable, On-demand Computing Resources

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