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HUAWEI CLOUD's One-Stop AI Development Platform ModelArts Won Gold at the 2019 Global AI Expo

May 10, 2019

        From May 9 to May 11, the 2019 Global Artificial Intelligence Product and Application Expo (2019 AI Expo) was held in Suzhou. Huawei was showcased in the AI platform exhibition area with its one-stop AI development platform ModelArts, as well as its AI vision device-cloud development platform HiLens, EI intelligent twins, big data, and voice semantics. The 2019 AI Expo Product Gold Award was announced as a key part of the expo, and HUAWEI CLOUD's ModelArts solution was the winner.

        This award is prestigious in the industry and was open to participants from all over the world. The awards were jointly selected by public voting and expert committee. Award review and selection was carried out by members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and AITISA, including representatives from research institutions, media and investment—a leading selection of many well-known academics and industry experts.

        ModelArts: An Opportune Tool for AI Developers

        The award was established to encourage industry innovation and energize the industry climate. To accommodate a fair and upstanding result, the public online vote and expert review were weighed equally when calculating results and determining the final winner. The HUAWEI CLOUD one-stop AI development platform ModelArts won the Gold Medal Award.

        Industry giants such as those in technology and manufacturing are all-in with the development of AI technologies, and application scenarios are continuously being discovered and expanded. The demand for AI platforms will increase. Application developers are in urgent need of AI capabilities, but do not have the ability to efficiently build AI models and services without code. Beginners need products to help them get started quickly, and senior developers need products to help them efficiently obtain and utilize AI computing resources and manage the entire development process.

        In October 2018, HUAWEI CLOUD officially released the one-stop AI development platform ModelArts to reduce the threshold to AI development and promote AI implementation. ModelArts provides data processing, intelligent labeling, a readily packaged development environment, large-scale distributed training, automatic model generation, a rich AI marketplace (the first AI model marketplace in the country), and comprehensive AI development for deployment of the "device-edge–cloud" model in all scenarios. These features help users quickly and efficiently create and deploy AI models and manage the entire development lifecycle.

        On March 20, Stanford University released the latest DAWNBench ranking. ModelArts won the image recognition training and inference performance categories. The time required to train models was greatly reduced and the inference performance was enhanced. This accomplishment reflects on ModelArts as a leader in deep learning platform technology.

        Since its release, ModelArts has been applied in artificial intelligence scenarios, such as healthcare, smart manufacturing, automatic driving, smart city, building, and campus, to help enterprises such as Kingmed, Glodon, and Cloudansys implement AI development.

        HUAWEI CLOUD Displays Innovative AI Products

        The 2019 AI Expo attracted many academics from home and abroad, top experts in the industry, and leading AI companies in China, with its main topic "Intelligence for the future". It showcased national ability in innovation and enterprise AI products, promoted the integration and development of innovative elements in fields such as industry, academics, investment, and talent. This event increased the influence of the Suzhou artificial intelligence industry.

        On May 9, Zhu Zhaosheng, vice president of the HUAWEI CLOUD BU, delivered a speech titled "Release AI Productivity and Accelerate Industry Intelligence". The speech shared Huawei research and practice in the AI field, and how this applies to industry scenarios to jointly promote intelligent implementation between customers and partners.

        Zhu Zhaosheng, Vice President of HUAWEI CLOUD BU, delivering a keynote speech.

        The HUAWEI CLOUD exhibition area demonstrated the one-stop AI development platform ModelArts, AI vision device-cloud development platform HiLens, EI intelligent twins, big data, and voice semantics, as well as a compelling demonstration of HUAWEI CLOUD EI facial recognition. Application cases and solutions showed application in areas such as tropical rainforest protection and HUAWEI CLOUD industrial Internet. The exhibition took a comprehensive look at the experience provided by HUAWEI CLOUD products.

        2019 HUAWEI CLOUD Exhibition Area

        The owner of the HUAWEI CLOUD voice semantic domain delivered a report on "Digital Transformation to Knowledge Transformation: HUAWEI CLOUD NLP in Intelligent Enterprise Scenarios" at the event's Cognitive Intelligence Summit. The gradual increase of enterprise digital transformation drives the application of AI in the industry, and intelligence is gradually improving, moving from perceptual intelligence to cognitive intelligence.

        A large amount of unstructured and semi-structured data contains valuable knowledge for industry and enterprise, and effectively utilizing this data to improve enterprise efficiency and inheritance of knowledge is key to moving from digital transformation to knowledge-based transformation. The report introduced HUAWEI CLOUD AI services with an especially large focus on natural language processing technologies, and how they affect knowledge transformation of large-scale government and enterprise customers. Application prospects and the perceived value of cognitive intelligence in enterprise scenarios was also explored.

HUAWEI CLOUD The owner of the voice semantic domain delivering the featured report.

        HUAWEI CLOUD provides all-stack and all-scenario AI solutions, which can be used to good effect in AI scenarios. HUAWEI CLOUD has deployed more than 160 cloud services and 140 solutions, and has operated 40 regions in 23 geographic regions around the world. It has 59 types of artificial intelligence services and 159 functions.