Terms of Service for Huawei Cloud Solution Partners

Terms of Service for Huawei Cloud Solution Partners

These Terms of Service (“Terms”) apply to partners who have enrolled as a Solution Partner. These Terms are an integral part of HUAWEI CLOUD Solution Partner Cooperation Agreement (“The Agreement”).

Capitalized terms used herein but not defined herein will have the meanings set forth in the Agreement.

1.         Connection Between Partner Accounts and End User Accounts

Solution Partner accounts and End User accounts can be connected through Agent Model or Resell Model, as defined in section 4 of these Terms.

2.         Solution Partner Account

Solution Partners shall create an account when they apply for participating in the HCPN (“Solution Partner Account”). Solution Partner Account is used to manage Solution Partners’ finance activities (such as billing, payment and invoices), performance and incentives, and the Solution Partner Account is also used to manage End Users’ activities, their budgets and expenditures on Huawei Cloud website.

Solution Partner may select different connection model and then send a connection invitation to an End User. The accounts of the Solution Partner and the End User will be connected at the time when the End User accepted such invitation.

Solution Partner Account could only be connected with End User Account, and the connection with an account of additional tier or multi-tiers of distributors or resellers will not be allowed. 

3.         End User Account

End Users may create an account on the HUAWEI CLOUD website.

Under Agent Model, End User Account is used to buy the Services on the HUAWEI CLOUD website. HUAWEI CLOUD will bill to and collect payments from End Users directly. Solution Partners may offer discounts to End Users within the authorization from HUAWEI CLOUD and shall check End Users' monthly consumption accordingly.

Under Resell model, Solution Partners will grant a credit to End Users, and End Users can use their accounts to buy the Services on the HUAWEI CLOUD website. The End User's monthly Services consumption cannot exceed the credit granted by the Solution Partner. HUAWEI CLOUD provides End User’s consumption information to Solution Partners and the latter are responsible for billing to and collecting payments from End Users. HUAWEI CLOUD charges for resource consumption based on the price agreed with Solution Partners and provides summary bills to Solution Partners. Solution Partners pay to HUAWEI CLOUD based on the bills received.

4.         Definitions

Agent Model means that the Solution Partner performs as an agent of Huawei Cloud, and will introduce customers to Huawei Cloud and provide first-line service support to customers on behalf of Huawei Cloud. Huawei Cloud will enter into sales agreement with customers, and bill to and collect payments from customers directly. Huawei Cloud will pay to the Solution Partner certain percentage of commissions as agreed by two parties after receipt of the payment from customers.

Resell Model means Solutions Partners will resell Huawei Cloud services to customers directly and the Solution Partner will enter into agreement with, bill to and collect payments from customers directly. 

Last update: Jan. 2019