Success Stories Giant Port Group SIPG Embraces Data Communication and Exchange on a Massive Scale with HUAWEI CLOUD
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Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd. (SIPG), founded in June 2005, is one of the largest port operators in the world and the largest in China. In 2016, SIPG reported a container throughput of more than 37 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs), ranking number one in the world for the seventh year in a row. In the first half of 2017, SIPG handled a record high of approximately 19.604 million TEUs. In the capital market, SIPG went public in 2015, becoming one of the constituents of Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) 50 Index. In 2017, SIPG was part of the first batch of barometer stocks included in the Morgan Stanley Capital International Index (MSCI Index).

A One-Stop Shipment Tracking Platform for the Massive Volumes of Data Involved in Modern Ports

At the end of 2016, SIPG constructed a one-stop shipping tracking platform using HUAWEI CLOUD. This platform helps resolve two main pain points:

  • The inconvenience of querying rapidly increasing amounts of port operation data: The one-stop shipment tracking platform solves this problem by allowing customers to find out the precise position of each container and what will be done to it next. The platform has earned overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers.
  • Difficulty in carrying out data communication between enterprises and their users in the industry: Currently, this platform has consolidated all data of 17 medium-sized and large wharfs along the backbone and trunk lines of the Yangtze River, and has also standardized data exchanges. The latest version (2.0) has a new function that proactively pushes shipping information to registered users so that they no longer need to log in to the platform to query data. This function has also received a large amount of positive feedback from customers.

At the initial stage of platform construction, the project team faced three major problems: massive growth in access traffic, a one-month deadline for completion of infrastructure construction, and the volume of the basic system. After several rounds of deliberation and evaluations, the project team finally chose HUAWEI CLOUD.

    Collaborating with HUAWEI CLOUD to Build a High-Quality Platform

    The platform now provides SIPG with complete functions including shipping period query, packing list query, VGM weighing information, release information, packing list pre-recording, and links to major websites.

    The technologies and products contained in HUAWEI CLOUD meet all of SIPG's requirements:

    • Flexibility: Network bandwidth can be customized — an especially valuable feature for Internet services.
    • Convenience: Testing, rollout, and O&M are all easy to implement.
    • Technical support: HUAWEI CLOUD pre-sales and post-sales teams provide strong support. They worked out the details of the solution in just one week, and completed system deployment in 18 days.
    • Scalability: The system can be expanded easily to meet future needs. The initial budget is controllable, and the pricing system that will apply is clearly defined.

    Huawei and SIPG: Cooperating for Shared Success

    In this cooperative partnership, HUAWEI CLOUD is responsible for the design and implementation of the infrastructure, and SIPG is responsible for the development and deployment of the software application. HUAWEI CLOUD and SIPG see this as long-term cooperation that will bring significant benefits to all parties involved.