Success Stories HUAWEI CLOUD Helps Groupe PSA Build IoV Services
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Company Introduction

Do you want a smart car that can predict fuel consumption in advance based on your itinerary? How about one that can let you know about a faulty part early to avoid excessive repair costs?

Groupe PSA's Internet of Vehicles (IoV) is now here to assist you with all of these intelligent services.

What can IoV do for you?

IoV provides services including energy saving, location tracking, car monitoring, remote diagnosis, and even driving habit saving. In addition, IoV can predict road conditions and plan routes according to the car's previous driving data. As the technology matures, it is expected to eventually evolve into services that will power self-driving cars.

    Groupe PSA chooses HUAWEI CLOUD as their IoV supplier.

    Established in 1882 and headquartered in France, Groupe PSA is the second-largest automaker in Europe sold under the Peugeot, Citroën, and DS brands. In 2016, the group sold 3.146 million vehicles, ranking ninth in the world.

    Based on their insights to the IoV market, PSA began work on its IoV platform with multiple suppliers, CVMP 0.5, long before their competition. CVMP 0.5 supports some IoV technologies but is limited in terms of function and architecture. For example, separate platforms are needed for different regions, like Europe and China, and it employs a non-modular development design model. As a result, platform operations and management are complex, scalability is weak, and new services are difficult to roll out. As such, Groupe PSA is now seeking to move forward with a significant transformation in hopes of creating a brand new IoV platform, CVMP 2.0.

    Groupe PSA has chosen HUAWEI CLOUD as their partner for this transformation based on the following:

    Strategy matching - HUAWEI CLOUD is committed to promoting an intelligent, networked, shared, and electric automotive industry. HUAWEI CLOUD provides stable, reliable, secure, and sustainable cloud services that adapt to service characteristics.

    Technology matching - Huawei has 30 years of experience researching communication technologies, which will serve as the solid foundation for IoV. HUAWEI CLOUD provides guaranteed data security services, such as hybrid cloud management, IaaS, PaaS, big data, and Internet of Things (IoT).

    Global deployment - Huawei currently operates in over 170 countries and regions, creating a global ecosystem ready and waiting for Groupe PSA.

    HUAWEI CLOUD is ready for all of Groupe PSA's IoV application needs.

    HUAWEI CLOUD's IoV solution offers various application scenarios for Groupe PSA, including shared travel, fleet management (B2B), vehicle histories, driving habit analysis, and remote support. In addition, HUAWEI CLOUD already meets new international regulatory requirements and carbon emission controls, positioning them perfectly to support Groupe PSA's CVMP 2.0 platform.