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Company Introduction

The survival of IT enterprises relies on their capabilities in assembling, developing, and transforming various technologies into software and applications that serve enterprise business. Market development and fine work division lead to the classification of IT service providers into the following two types: One focuses on technology development and platform construction, and the another on the development and integration of applications and solutions. These two types of providers are naturally complementary, and their co-operations are win-win and user-beneficial.

The development of Yonyou

Yonyou, officially Yonyou Network Co., Ltd., is an industry-leading enterprise management software, solutions, and cloud service provider in China and the Asia Pacific region. They are committed to serving enterprises in digital transformation and intelligent development, urging the transformation of the enterprise service industry, and leveraging innovation and technologies to promote business and social progress.

Yonyou's industrial clouds include Marketing Cloud, Procurement Cloud, Collaboration Cloud, and Human Capital Cloud that are oriented to the public cloud market, in addition to ERP-based U8 Cloud. With the targeted and comprehensive features, the Yonyou industrial clouds are hot in the market.

Comprehensive cloud strategy requires strong support

Yonyou targets the migration of traditional client software to clouds. However, the expansion of cloud service products trapped Yonyou into the construction of infrastructure and PaaS platform. Yonyou requires powerful cloud infrastructure to support a large scale of public cloud services they provide. Additionally, the latest-generation cloud applications require the integrated application of technologies, such as big data, AI, and Internet of Things (IoT). Therefore, a powerful PaaS platform is also required on the cloud infrastructure to provide easy-to-use APIs for using and developing such technologies.

Huawei, a strategic partner of Yonyou, provides Yonyou what they need through HUAWEI CLOUD

Based on Huawei's industry-leading IT infrastructure manufacturing capabilities, HUAWEI CLOUD offers services with optimal performance for enterprises. In addition to providing basic cloud servers, HUAWEI CLOUD consistently focuses on the improvement of operations and maintenance capabilities. This enables Yonyou to easily develop enterprise cloud applications and services based on HUAWEI CLOUD.

In PaaS platform construction, HUAWEI CLOUD fully considers the service requirements of modern enterprises and the application development trend, and provides features such as smart edge, big data, and EI. HUAWEI CLOUD PaaS can be interconnected and integrated with Yonyou PaaS, assisting in the continuous innovation of Yonyou Cloud. Based on the optimal, easy-to-use features of HUAWEI CLOUD PaaS, Yonyou has commercially released the U8 Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Collaboration Cloud, and Procurement Cloud that are jointly developed with Huawei, and Human Capital Cloud and Financial Cloud are coming soon.

Huawei will deepen the cooperation with Yonyou in the future

Based on HUAWEI CLOUD, Huawei and Yonyou will jointly launch more joint solutions in industries such as energy, government affairs, finance, manufacturing, and finance.