HUAWEI CLOUD - Trustworthy

HUAWEI CLOUD provides customers with stable, reliable, secure, and sustainably growing cloud services. It helps large enterprises address challenges in cloud transformation and enables them to take better advantages of potential business opportunities. It also helps small- and medium-sized enterprises expand their business growth and rise to challenges.

  • Leading Edge

    • 30 years' of technical know-how and innovation

    • Full-stack cloud services and solutions

  • Future Ready

    • Long-term strategic investment in cloud services

    • Facilitate digital transformation in governments and large enterprises

    • Help small enterprises grow rapidly

  • Trustworthy

    • Clearly defined service boundaries, ensuring that customer content and data are not touched

    • 20+ security certifications and chip-level security

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Global Layout

2015.7 Beijing Data Center went live

Covering the north China region

Availability zones: 3

North China 1

2016.3 Dalian Data Center went live

Covering the northeast China region

Availability zone: 1

Northeast China

2016.6 Shanghai Data Center went live

Covering the east China region

Availability zones: 3

East China

2016.9 Guangzhou Data Center went live

Covering the south China region

Availability zones: 3

South China 1

2018.3 Hong Kong Data Center went live

Covering the Asia Pacific region

Availability zones: 2

Hong Kong

2018.9 Bangkok Data Center went live

Availability zone: 1


2017.5 Singapore Data Center went live

Regions: 2

Availability zones: 4


2016.3 Berlin Data Center went live

Availability zones: 2


2017.6 Paris Data Center went live

Availability zones: 2


2016.6 St Paul Data Center went live

Availability zone: 1


2017.5 Lima Data Center went live

Availability zones: 2


2016.10 Santiago Data Center went live

Availability zones: 2


2016.12 Buenos Aires Data Center went live

Availability zone: 1


2016.10 Mexico City Data Center went live

Availability zone: 1


2018.3 Moscow Data Center went live

Availability zone: 1


2018.10 ShenZhen Data Center went live

Covering the south China region

Availability zone: 1

South China 2
West China
North China 2
South Africa
Available regions
Regions coming soon

Global Services, Enhanced Security

Stable, Reliable, and Accessible Worldwide

Secure and Trustworthy

HUAWEI CLOUD has been deployed in multiple regions in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Russia. With a unified O&M tool platform, HUAWEI CLOUD offers automatic O&M capabilities with high efficiency and quality. The O&M and security management services have passed security scrutiny of the Cyberspace Administration of China, class-3 information security protection certification by the Ministry of Public Security of China, and Trusted Cloud Service (TRUCS) certification. Network quality and stability of HUAWEI CLOUD are among the top rated in cloud service evaluations conducted by third parties in China.

Huawei has partnered with Deutsche Telekom, China Telecom, Telefonica, and Orange to jointly develop an open cloud service alliance. HUAWEI CLOUD and its partner cloud service providers are now serving a large number of renowned companies and institutes in the world, including European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), 11 top scientific research institutes, several large automobile groups in Germany, Groupe PSA, the Santander Bank, China Merchants Group, and the Sinotrans Group. With the advantages of stability, reliability, security compliance, cloud-and-network synergy, and global connectivity, Huawei and its allied cloud service providers are trusted by enterprises worldwide.

Huawei has developed a rich security ecosystem with global partners. HUAWEI CLOUD always attaches great importance to user data privacy and protection. It has passed strict security compliance certification and fully complies with regional or national security standards and privacy protection regulations.

  • Full-stack cloud security solution and chip-level security assurance
  • 20 years' experience in building enterprise-level security
  • 10+ years' capabilities in professional traffic cleaning, ensuring service stability and continuity and preventing data leakage
  • 20+ global security certifications, complying with security regulations and standards

Open and Win-Win Global Ecosystem

Huawei has built an open, cooperative, and win-win cloud ecosystem. It helps partners quickly find their niches in local markets. HUAWEI CLOUD operates within clearly defined service boundaries, ensuring that customer content and data are not touched. It continues innovating with partners to create value for both customers and partners. By the end of October 2018, HUAWEI CLOUD had launched over 140 cloud services in 18 categories, over 60 general-purpose solutions (such as SAP, HPC, IoT, security, DevOps, and IPv6), and over 80 industry-specific solutions covering manufacturing, e-commerce, gaming, finance, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the Internet of Vehicles (IoV). A total of 1,500 applications are now on the marketplace. What's more, over 6,000 partners have worked with HUAWEI CLOUD, and more than 90,000 developers are now using HUAWEI CLOUD

  • Global partners


  • Loyal partners


  • Developers


  • Solution partners


  • Distributors


  • Certified service support partners


Analytic Reports

Gartner regards HUAWEI CLOUD as a benchmark cloud service provider.

According to Gartner's report, Market Guide for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, China, large service providers in China are building or expanding their cloud landscape.

Huawei's FusionInsight claims top spot in IDC MarketScape big data vendor assessment in China.

In the IDC MarketScape: China Big Data Management Platform 2017 Vendor Assessment, Huawei's FusionInsight platform ranked first among all big data platform vendors in China.

HUAWEI CLOUD was honored as a “leader of full-stack public cloud platforms in China”.

In The Forrester Wave™: Full-Stack Public Cloud Development Platforms In China, Q3 2018 for its optimum technologies, full-stack product abilities, outstanding servicing abilities, and complete ecosystem.

A leader in China's government cloud market.

HUAWEI CLOUD's government solution was categorized as one of the "Leaders" in the IDC MarketScape: China Government Cloud Platform Vendor Assessment, 2017.

Leading IaaS service provider in China's cloud market.

In a report released by Analysys that analyzed China's cloud computing IaaS market in 2017, HUAWEI CLOUD was rated as a leading force.

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